EBwS Member Photos

You need to be a Society member to post your photos on this website, although everyone can enjoy seeing them.

All photos must be in jpeg format with either a .jpg or .jpeg extension. Large photos will be resized so that the largest dimension is no more than 800 pixels. If your photos are very large, you may have problems uploading them, so it may be best to resize them first using a program such as Photoshop. This will also make the upload process faster.

If your photos are of Essex birds, please post a record of the bird sighting before uploading the photo. You will then be able to link your photos to the matching bird record which makes them more useful as they become part of that record. Photos linked to bird records will automatically be displayed with the record on the bird news page and will also become part of the photo gallery for that species.

If your photo is of an Essex birding location, please upload it as a location so that it become part of the photo gallery for that site.

For other photos, you can create you own albums and upload the photos to that album. This would be appropriate for photos from a birding trip outside Essex. Currently we limit the number of photos in each members personal albums to 100. We will review this limit once we see how much this facility is used. All photos should be of general interest to site visitors and be suitable for public viewing.

We may wish to reproduce photos submitted onto the website in future issues of Essex Birding or Essex Bird Report, by posting on here you are giving us your permission for this.  We may need to contact you for the original as the resizing needed to publish on this website could mean that they may not be suitable for the printers to work with. 

If you have an external photo gallery you would like to share with other members, you can add a link to it on the 'External albums' page.

Currently, there is no facility on this site to link to videos.