Black Kite

Milvus migrans

Very rare passage migrant.

BOU Name
Black Kite
Data Required
EBSIP (18,12,30) 

Most Recent Records recorded via website

Name Date SiteName Observer Num Notes
Black Kite 26 Apr 2018 Copford Stephen Dutton 1 Reported this morning on BirdGuides
Black Kite 08 Jun 2016 Kelvedon Daryl Morgan 1 Small looking kite and it was dull in colouring so this must have been a black kite. Seen above the a12 just north of kelvedon in the average speed section. Nice views.
Black Kite 30 Apr 2016 Thurrock Thameside Nature Park (EWT) Paul Larkin 1 High S over visitor centre @ 1245hrs
Black Kite 07 Jun 2015 TL6716 Barry Beischer 1 moving north to south
Black Kite 25 May 2015 Great Baddow, Chelmsford Kevin Cook 1 bird being mobbed by crow as it flew south east towards Chelmer park/beehive lane. Bird had long tale short fork and a gap between primaries and secondaries also a gap in feathers half way along secondaries on both wings.
Black Kite 19 May 2015 TL6908 Kevin Cook 1 Spotted in Chelmsford. Bird being mobbed by crows heading South from Melbourne park (In the direction of tower gardens). Very dark bird, tail as well, slight fork with (As Collins field guide describes) diffuse light 'window' in primaries. Bird as pictured in 'Collins Bird Guide', last picture.Showed no rufous colour at all. Viewed for about a minute with and without binoculars. Sadly all my camera equipment was in the other car!!! I could not make this into a Red kite the only thing I would say is that it seemed to be missing a few inner primaries on each wing.Please Could you add Chelmsford to your selection in 'Named location' Thank you
Black Kite 16 May 2015 Writtle David Torrice 1 Seen from Tower Gardens, Roxwell Rd. Watched it for 2 minutes through binoculars from directly below.Dark grey coloration with lighter patches towards the end of its wings, lightly forked tail, no sign of any chestnut or rusty coloration. Rose high in a thermal then drifted off in a straight line Westwards towards Writtle. I am happy for anyone out there to tell me different but I have seen hundreds of red kites and this did not look like one of them.
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