Carrion Crow

Corvus corone

Common resident and migrant.

BOU Name
Carrion Crow
Data Required
Breeding survey data, trends and unusual records. Records/counts indicative of migration or passage. Counts of 50+

Most Recent Records recorded via website

Name Date SiteName Observer Num Notes
Carrion Crow 24 Jun 2020 Wivenhoe Michael Davies 1 Sitting in a tree by River Colne
Carrion Crow 20 Jun 2020 Colne Pt Jesbin Joseph Siby 15 Perching on telephone lines
Carrion Crow 18 Jun 2020 Ardleigh Reservoir Matt Turner 1
Carrion Crow 15 Jun 2020 Clacton-on-Sea Jesbin Joseph Siby 5 Seen on house and croaking at night
Carrion Crow 01 Jun 2020 Writtle Stuart Anderson 4
Carrion Crow 31 May 2020 Wrabness Paul Chamberlain 1
Carrion Crow 29 May 2020 Wickford David Hale 2 Harassing Buzzard at height over garden.
Carrion Crow 19 May 2020 Epping Graham Pentelow 1
Carrion Crow 14 May 2020 Wickford David Hale 12 Regular overhead birds.
Carrion Crow 09 May 2020 Copped Hall Estate, Epping Forest Melvin Shepherd-Wells 2
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