Regulus ignicapilla

Uncommon passage migrant and winter visitor: breeds occasionally.

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All records. Sex.

Most Recent Records recorded via website

Name Date SiteName Observer Num Notes
Firecrest 04 Sep 2021 Naze, The Brian Combes 1 Sycamore clump, presumably yesterday’s bird
Firecrest 03 Sep 2021 Naze, The Brian Combes 1 With tit flock - easily my earliest autumn record here
Firecrest 27 May 2021 Friday Wood Andrew Goodey 1 brief song heard near to where male was singing and showing on May 5th
Firecrest 24 May 2021 Westley Heights Andrew Cox 1 Singing Male. The Park.
Firecrest 09 May 2021 Friday Wood Andrew Goodey 1 male singing for c20 minutes in suitable breeding habitat
Firecrest 23 Apr 2021 Abberton Reservoir Glen Moore 1 Showed briefly on old road, near entrance to reserve
Firecrest 14 Apr 2021 Mersea Island Stephen Entwistle 1 Lovely coloured one fish pond wood shop lane MC SE
Firecrest 03 Apr 2021 Chelmsford City Centre Hadden Turner 1 Incredibly showy bird. Hunting and calling in the lower part (nearest the road) of the Cemetery on New London Road.
Firecrest 30 Mar 2021 Naze, The Brian Combes 1 John Weston Reserve
Firecrest 29 Mar 2021 Naze, The Liz Huxley 1 JWR
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