House Sparrow

Passer domesticus

Abundant resident.

BOU Name
House Sparrow
Data Required
All counts of 50+. (RED LIST SPECIES). Notes on winter food sources.

Most Recent Records recorded via website

Name Date SiteName Observer Num Notes
House Sparrow 13 Sep 2019 West Canvey Marshes RSPB David Hale 8 Poor sightings due to empty reservoir.
House Sparrow 07 Sep 2019 Tendring Tony Faulkner 14 Feeding and dust batheing under rose bushes in back garden.
House Sparrow 28 Aug 2019 West Canvey Marshes RSPB David Hale 8 Many Small White butterflies.
House Sparrow 26 Jul 2019 Braintree Martin Iddon 3 Two or three house sparrows collecting spiders around eaves and window frames. A species that is rarely seen in my garden.
House Sparrow 26 Jul 2019 Halstead Barbara Leport 100 +.A huge increase since last year.On our and neighbours feeders
House Sparrow 22 Jul 2019 TQ5993 Andrew Stroud 4
House Sparrow 21 Jul 2019 Tendring Tony Faulkner 60 Flushed from hedge-row whilst on dog walk beside field of corn in Wolfs Hall Lane.
House Sparrow 18 Jul 2019 Maldon Malcolm Corbett 60 circa. Lawling Hall Farm.
House Sparrow 18 Jul 2019 Wormingford, Colchester Martin Peers 25 with Linnets etc.
House Sparrow 06 Jul 2019 Old Hall Marshes NR RSPB Matt Turner 2
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