Mandarin Duck

Aix galericulata

Introduced resident - slowly increasing.

BOU Name
Mandarin Duck
Data Required
All records. Sex.

Most Recent Records recorded via website

Name Date SiteName Observer Num Notes
Mandarin Duck 26 May 2020 Abberton Reservoir Yvonne Watling 2
Mandarin Duck 19 May 2020 Doddinghurst Ian Swanson 2 Pair by pond in woods. Also seen there yesterday
Mandarin Duck 13 May 2020 Witham David L Smith 2 Males, 'escorting' female Mallard with 5 ducklings
Mandarin Duck 02 May 2020 TQ6596 Simon Satchell 2 pair, TQ6495
Mandarin Duck 24 Apr 2020 Black Notley George Brown 2 Pair flew W over garden
Mandarin Duck 23 Apr 2020 Wintry Wood, Epping Forest Roger Emmens 3 Two males and one female
Mandarin Duck 18 Apr 2020 Friday Wood Richard Allen 2 pair on Roman River west of Manwood bridge
Mandarin Duck 17 Apr 2020 Wintry Wood, Epping Forest Roger Emmens 4 3 males and 1 female
Mandarin Duck 13 Apr 2020 Epping Melvin Shepherd-Wells 1 Male earlier now female.. on small pond in Broadoaks
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