Spotted Flycatcher

Muscicapa striata

Declining summer resident and passage migrant.

BOU Name
Spotted Flycatcher
Data Required
All records. (RED LIST SPECIES). Notes on breeding habitat.

Most Recent Records recorded via website

Name Date SiteName Observer Num Notes
Spotted Flycatcher 08 Jul 2019 Henny Street Martin Peers 1 catching flies in usual large garden; contact calls heard
Spotted Flycatcher 01 Jul 2019 Rowney Wood, Debden Stephen Dutton 2 Looked like a pair chasing each other about
Spotted Flycatcher 14 Jun 2019 Boxted Martin Peers 2 pair with nest at Boxted Hall
Spotted Flycatcher 14 Jun 2019 Great Horkesley Martin Peers 3 pair in large garden corner Green Lane; singing male in large garden Holly Lane opposite Coveneys
Spotted Flycatcher 29 May 2019 Belchamp Walter, near Sudbury Martin Peers 1 singing male @ Bulmer brickworks
Spotted Flycatcher 28 May 2019 Naze, The Brian Combes 1 By northern entrance of sewage works
Spotted Flycatcher 26 May 2019 Stanford Rivers, near Chipping Ongar Andrew Stroud 1 In churchyard
Spotted Flycatcher 26 May 2019 Wrabness Matt Turner 1 Just off main path from car park
Spotted Flycatcher 21 May 2019 Lamarsh Martin Peers 2 pair - Daws Hall
Spotted Flycatcher 18 May 2019 Hylands Park, Chelmsford Thomas Gilbert 1 In woods by playground
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