Tawny Owl

Strix aluco

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Tawny Owl
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Name Date SiteName Observer Num Notes
Tawny Owl 19 Sep 2019 Chigborough Lakes Malcolm Corbett 1 Heard only.
Tawny Owl 01 Sep 2019 Wix James Davidson 2 Male and female calling this evening, first time in over 2 years
Tawny Owl 24 Aug 2019 Alresford Matt Turner 1 Contact called 4 or 5 times
Tawny Owl 06 Aug 2019 Layer-de-la-Haye David Allen 1 bellowing at me from next door's roof
Tawny Owl 29 Jul 2019 Doddinghurst Ann Darnell 1 Heard hooting in woods
Tawny Owl 12 Jul 2019 Navestock Andrew Stroud 1 By Dudbrook House
Tawny Owl 29 Jun 2019 Doddinghurst Ann Darnell 1 Heard calling
Tawny Owl 24 Jun 2019 Wivenhoe Richard Allen 3 2 calling juvs at bottom of garden in Wivenhoe Wood, adult seen to catch a frog
Tawny Owl 23 Jun 2019 Boxted Martin Peers 1 flushed from lower branch of oak tree
Tawny Owl 03 Jun 2019 Wivenhoe Richard Allen 2 2 young calling in Wivenhoe Wood
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