Tawny Owl

Strix aluco

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Tawny Owl
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Most Recent Records recorded via website

Name Date SiteName Observer Num Notes
Tawny Owl 21 May 2020 Beeleigh Tony Kennelly 1 Beeleigh Abbey car park
Tawny Owl 07 May 2020 Laindon Andrew Cox 1 Calling a little distance to the SW.
Tawny Owl 07 May 2020 TL9324 Steve Grimwade 1 Female calling in garden
Tawny Owl 03 May 2020 Layer-de-la-Haye David Allen 1
Tawny Owl 22 Apr 2020 Donyland Wood Oliver Cottis 1 Calling at midday
Tawny Owl 19 Apr 2020 Chigborough Lakes Tony Kennelly 2 Pair calling near heybridge swifts
Tawny Owl 11 Apr 2020 TL9324 Steve Grimwade 1 In garden at 2.30am
Tawny Owl 08 Apr 2020 Epping Melvin Shepherd-Wells 2 Duet in Horse Chestnut tree opposite my house
Tawny Owl 06 Apr 2020 TL9324 Steve Grimwade 2 Male and female in front garden
Tawny Owl 05 Apr 2020 Friday Wood Yvonne Watling 2
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