About Indoor Meetings

The Society holds monthly indoor meetings for most of the year. Usually these are organised for the first Friday of each month. They are typically illustrated talks featuring a prominent local or national speaker.

Indoor meetings start at 20:00 at the Quaker Meeting House, 82 Rainsford Road, Chelmsford CM1 2QL. Limited parking on site for blue badge holders, but the parking meters in the area are 'free' to use after 18:30 during the evening.

Entrance for Members is £3.00, Non-members £4.00, charged on the door. Refreshments served during interval. Meetings start at 20:00 unless stated otherwise (i.e. AGM in March - 19:30).

From 6th April Chelmsford City Car Parks will no longer accept cash payment - you can pay by card, Apple/Google Pay or Mi Permit app but they are no longer taking cash.

Please note: To prevent damage to the polished wooden floor in the building ‘stiletto’ type high heel shoes and boots are not permitted in the Quaker Meeting House. Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.

Past Indoor Meetings

Title Event Date Description
ICELAND 'and BACK' 02-Apr-2021

ICELAND 'and BACK' - Brian Nobbs takes us to Iceland looking at the birds and their habitats ranging from Brunnich's Guillemots and Puffins on the lava cliffs to Red-necked Phalaropes, divers and Slavonian Grebes on the lakes and Harlequin Ducks on the streams. Whooper Swans, Pink-footed Geese and many waders migrate to and from, or via, the UK (hence the "and back") and we can compare them on their breeding grounds and wintering grounds and examine their migration routes.


WILD ETHIOPIA - Steve Cale, artist, photographer and tour guide provides a look at the fantastic wildlife and habitats of this huge amazing country. Home to many rare and unusual creatures such as Stresermann's Bush Crow and Simien Wolf, many of which are fascinating but critically endangered!

FINLAND and NORWAY - 'LAND of the MIDNIGHT SUN' 05-Feb-2021

FINLAND and NORWAY - 'LAND of the MIDNIGHT SUN' - Swallow Birding's Steve Grimwade takes us on a mid-summer journey through the marshes and forests of Finland showcasing species such as Great Grey and Tengmalm's Owls, Red-flanked Bluetail, Capercaillie and Little Bunting, before heading north into Norway where Pine Grosbeak, Brunnich's Guillemot, Siberian Tit and Long-tailed Skua all feature, plus stunning scenery and much, much more. Highly recommended.

The KINGDOM of BHUTAN - 'LAND of the DRAGON' 15-Jan-2021

CANCELLED - The KINGDOM of BHUTAN - 'LAND of the DRAGON' - A small country but one of the most diverse on Earth due to intact forests and an ancient culture that values nature (350-400 bird species). It is one of the least visited, only opening to tourism in the 1970's. Duncan Macdonald from 'Speyside Wildlife' will introduce us to some of the rewards - Ibisbill, Satyr Tragopan and Rufous-necked Hornbill to name but a few; this will be another first-rate presentation, well worth it!

Roy Atkins - Highland Wildlife -our Zoom Talk on Friday 8th January 08-Jan-2021

Roy Atkins - Highland Wildlife - Friday 8th January - Roy has worked for Speyside Wildlife for almost 20 years giving him the chance to share the wealth of wildlife found in the Highlands of Scotland with the guests on his trips and also gather a fabulous selection of photos for his talks. The list of species found in the Highlands must surely make this the most exciting wildlife watching in the UK - and not just the birds but mammals, dragonflies, butterflies and some wonderful flowers too


CANCELLED - BIRDING in KAZAKHSTAN - Rob Sheldon returns to show us some of the delights of Kazakhstan. This talk will highlight all of the key habitats and species that this amazing country has to offer including Black-winged Pratincole, Black and White-winged Larks in West Kazakhstan and Pallid Harrier in Central Kazakhstan as well as the fact that it is a hugely important area for migrating and breeding birds associated with extensive wetlands of the region. Mince pies served!

SSsssssshhhh! I’m trying to sleep! 20-Nov-2020

#NocMig by David Darrell-Lambert - This lecture looks at bird migration, what we expect to happen and what we are still learning about nocturnal bird migration. You will learn how to start carrying out recording nocturnal bird migration, what equipment can be used, how to log the data


FINDING WILDLIFE in EPPING FOREST - Peter Warne was invited to study and monitor the wildlife of Copped Hall, a restoration project just south of Epping. Peter will inform where to go and show us images of the wide variety of wildlife to be found in this area.


CANCELLED - BIRD SOUNDS - Local Essex Birder David Darrell-Lambert will guide us through some of the fantastic and interesting bird songs and sounds that we an expect to hear duing our 'Big County Birdwatch Weekend'


CANCELLED - BIRDS of JAPAN - Nigel Moorhouse of 'Sarus Bird Tours' shows us some of the delights of Japan. This talk will cover a year in the life of the birds and wildlife of the islands that make up Japan including Hokkaido's Red-crowned Cranes gathering to dance, while the world's largest eagle - Steller's Sea Eagle - comes down from the far north to haunt the harbours and Brown Bears waking from hibernation.


CANCELLED - WILD ETHIOPIA – Steve Cale, artist, photographer and tour guide provides a look at the fantastic wildlife and habitats of this huge amazing country. Home to many rare and unusual creatures such as Stresemann’s Bush Crow and Simien Wolf, many of which are fascinating but critically endangered!  

BIRDS of HEL! 06-Mar-2020

BIRDS of HEL! – Jonathan Forgham has completed this 50 mile walk twice, once in April for migratory birds and then in freezing February for winter species. A fascinating place with plenty to offer bird watchers. In total over 80 species were recorded along the ‘Footpath to Hel’. (after AGM at 19:30)


BIRDING along the FRENCH ATLANTIC COAST – Dougal Urquhart takes us on a journey to various coastal locations such as Il de Noirmoutier, Il de Re, Arcachon Bay, Marais d’Orx and down to the Spanish border, which is particularly rewarding in autumn when migrants are heading south.

The GAMBIA 03-Jan-2020

The GAMBIA – ‘Swallow Birding’ Steve Grimwade takes us around many of the birding highlights of the smallest country in Africa and along the river Gambia; Goliath Heron, various species of Bee-eater and Roller, owls and other raptors all feature in this excellent presentation. Highly recommended


BIRDS of NORTH and NORTH-EAST BRAZIL – Graham Ekins takes us to this fabulous and rarely visited area of Brazil, home to 185 of the 325 Brazilian endemics. Lear’s Macaw, Araripe Manakin, Fringe-backed Fire-eye, Slender Antbird, Giant Snipe, Long-tailed Nightjar, Rusty-barred and Tawny-browed Owls all feature! Graham’s most popular talk – Not to be missed

On the TRAIL of the CRANE 01-Nov-2019

On the TRAIL of the CRANE – PART ONE – Ralph and Brenda Todd take us on a journey through Europe. Following the migration route from the Cranes breeding grounds in Spain, through northern France into Sweden where they congregate for their courtship ritual and dances and finally into Finland. Ralph and Brenda also touch on the history and future of Cranes in England?

‘HOOKPOD’ 04-Oct-2019

‘HOOKPOD’ – Becky Ingham from Hookpod Ltd demonstrates this excellent invention that benefits the birds that roam the southern Oceans without affecting the catch yields of the fishermen. Species like the Wandering Albatross, Petrels and Shearwaters can glide over the waves safely without the fear of becoming caught by conventional fishing methods.


ALASKA BIRDS and WILDLIFE – Dr Samantha Franks, a research Ecologist with the BTO, entertains us with the fabulous species to be found in the largest state in America. More than twice the size of Texas! Horned & Tufted Puffin, Divers & Bald Eagle all feature in the mountains, glaciers & temperate forests.


OWLS of the WORLD 05-Apr-2019

OWLS of the WORLD – Dr Michael Leach has encountered 86 of the 133 species of Owl alive today. In this talk he looks at many of these and tells of his adventures working with them around the globe for more than 20 years. We will meet, amongst others, Great Horned, Snowy, Pygmy, Great Grey and Spectacled Owls. And the biggest of them all, the deer-stalking Eagle Owl! Not to be missed 

GOSHAWK and WHINCHAT 01-Mar-2019

GOSHAWK and WHINCHAT – Dr Ian Henderson, BTO Senior Research Ecologist International Research, delivers two excellent talks about two very different species. The Goshawk is famous for being an elusive species but so much has now been learnt from their tracking studies in the ‘Brecklands’. The Whinchat has declined rapidly in the last 20 years. Research on Salisbury Plain        and in Africa investigated their migration and about their winter destinations

Conservation of the Critically Endangered Sociable Lapwing 01-Feb-2019

The Critically Endangered Sociable Lapwing breeds on the steppes of Kazakhstan and migrates to north-east Africa via Russia and the Middle East. Birds also migrate to India and Pakistan. This talk by Rob Sheldon will focus on the research and conservation work that has been undertaken since 2005 on the breeding grounds of Kazakhstan as well as many of the range states along the migration routes. 


YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK – BIRDS, BISON, BEARS and more – we are joined again by Duncan Macdonald from ‘Speyside Wildlife’, starting with a pictorial journey with the spectacular backdrop of the Teton Mountains then north to Yellowstone NP and finishing at “Old Faithful” the famous geyser; the Grande Prismatic Pool, bubbling mud and the travertine terraces at Mammot

WILDLIFE of CUBA 07-Dec-2018

WILDLIFE of CUBA – Graham Ekins takes us to the amazing island of Cuba with an incredible variety of endemic birds, reptiles and insects. Fabulous reserves from the forested areas to the beaches and mangroves. Giant Kingbird, Bare-legged Owl, Tawny-shouldered Blackbird, Cuban Nightjar, Blue-headed Quail-dove will all feature. Highly recommended


WILDLIFE of EASTERN EUROPE’Swallow Birding’ tour guide Steve Grimwade takes us on a fantastic journey through Poland, Hungary, Belarus and Bulgaria showcasing the amazing variety of Birds, Butterflies & Flowers of this unspoilt region. Not to be missed



BIRDS of the RUSSIAN FAR EAST 07-Sep-2018

BIRDS of the RUSSIAN FAR EAST – This is Chris Collins most popular talk reviewing the birds and wildlife of this amazing, but rarely visited region. It includes photographs of Siberian Rubythroat, Steller’s Sea-eagle, Horned & Tufted Puffin, Ribbon Seal plus the critically endangered Spoon-billed Sandpiper

Kakapo - Owl Parrot of New Zealand (AGM at 7:30pm) 06-Apr-2018

KAKAPO – OWL PARROT of NEW ZEALAND – Ed Keeble introduces us to the endemic Kakapo, one of the world’s rarest and most extraordinary birds. It came close to extinction in the latter half of the 20th Century and is currently subject to one of the most intensive recovery programmes ever attempted. 

Due to the cancellation of the March Indoor Meeting the AGM will take place at 7:30pm prior to this talk. 

Wildlife of Eastern Europe (AGM at 19:30) - CANCELLED 02-Mar-2018


The AGM will now take place on 6th April before the April Indoor Meeting and the talk on WILDLIFE of EASTERN EUROPE has been rescehduled for Friday 7th September.

WILDLIFE of EASTERN EUROPE – ‘Swallow Birding’ tour guide Steve Grimwade takes us on a fantastic journey through Poland, Hungary, Belarus and Bulgaria showcasing the amazing variety of birds, butterflies & flowers of this unspoilt region.

Nightjars, Woodlarks & Dartford Warblers 02-Feb-2018

NIGHTJARS, WOODLARKS & DARTFORD WARBLERS – Dr Greg Conway, Research Ecologist with the Terrestrial Ecology Team at the BTO enlightens us about these special species often seen on our Field Trip Meetings, especially when on heathlands or in the unique ‘Brecklands’ area of Suffolk and Norfolk.

Wildlife of Thailand 05-Jan-2018

WILDLIFE of THAILAND – Ecologist Graham Ekins shows us some of the wintering and resident birds of fabulous Thailand, with its diversity of wildlife and habitats; from the saltpans south of Bangkok with Eastern Long-billed Curlews, Malaysian Plovers, Spoon-billed Sandpipers, Nordmann’s Greenshank and flocks of Great Knot. West to the vast tropical forests of Kaeng Krachen, rich in insects, mammals and birds, to coastal Krabi and the upland forests of Khao Luang. Then north and the 3 forested mountains of Doi Inthanon, Doi Lang and Doi Ang Khang with their wealth of wintering Asian species including 25 warblers, numerous flycatchers, thrushes plus Himalayan species. Will two-hours be enough?             

In Search of Flower Kissers 01-Dec-2017

In SEARCH of FLOWER KISSERS – Dr Michael Leach shows us some of the 300 species, from the tiny Bee Hummingbird to the giant Patagonian. Everything about ‘hummers’ is extreme; their colours, heart rate, fearless aggression and breathtaking flying abilities. This talk takes a look at one of the world’s most iconic bird species.

Involvement in Birding from the Younger Generation 03-Nov-2017

INVOLVEMENT in BIRDING from the YOUNGER GENERATION; VOLUNTARY CONSERVATION WORK & BIRDING AROUND SOUTHEND – Max Helllicar, winner of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology Young Birders Event 2017 in Ithaca, New York, USA, gives not 1, not 2, but 3 very different short talks from a young birders perspective.

Ecuador - Land of Swordbills & Stinkbirds 06-Oct-2017

ECUADOR, LAND of SWORDBILLS & STINKBIRDS – Bill Baston shows us much about Ecuador, which has a huge variety of birds, ca.1600 species, including toucans, owls, woodpeckers, hummingbirds, tanagers, chlorophonias, cotingas, plus one of the largest birds in the world – the Andean Condor. We will visit the western & eastern slopes of the Andes as well as the lowland rainforest along the river Napo.

Spurn Bird Observatory 01-Sep-2017

SPURN BIRD OBSERVATORY – Nick Whitehouse, from Spurn Bird Observatory Trust, enlightens us about the varied work & the unusual bird species seen at SBO, at the end of a 5-mile peninsular projecting out into the North Sea & subject to the elements!

Northwest Year 07-Apr-2017

Chris Galvin shows us the delights of the North West along with the best place in England to see Leach's Petrels. With superb photographs of just what is possible in North West England and North Wales.

AGM + Wildlife of the Falklands 03-Mar-2017

Following AGM ant 19:30, Derek Howes takes us on an epic journey down into the southern Atlantic Ocean to the unique Falkland Islands for a view of the splendid wildlife to be found there along with a few Penguins.

Please note: 19:30 start.

Wild Scotland 03-Feb-2017

Duncan Macdonald brings us splendid images and delights that can be found in various parts of the Scottish Highlands - Eagles, Ptarmigan, Capercaillie, Black Grouse and much more.

Hong Kong & Taiwan 06-Jan-2017

Graham Ekins returns with Mai Po passage waders. Chinese mainland species in Long Valley & Tai Po Kau Reserves. Taiwan endemics. Plus the magical island of Lanyu for so much more.

Birds and Wildlife of Northern Cyprus 02-Dec-2016

Steve Cale shows us a wealth of birds, reptiles, butterflies, insects and flowers which creates this superb Mediterranean Island. Journey with us to this amazing land.

Fighting for Birds 04-Nov-2016

From the Passenger Pigeon to the Hen Harrier. Dr Mark Avery delivers a robust and compelling talk about extinction! The Passenger Pigeon was the most numerous bird species on the planet just 50-years before it was driven to extinction! How? Why? The Hen Harrier, arguably our most beautiful bird-of-prey, is NOW the most intensively persecuted bird in Britain! How? Why?

To be held at TRINITY METHODIST CHURCH, Rainsford Road, Chelmsford, CM1 2XB

What we know about House Martins 07-Oct-2016

Dawn Balmer enlightens us about what do and don't know about House Martins. A species that shares our buildings & how a Survey will help plug a gap in our knowledge.

Digiscoping, what's is all about? 02-Sep-2016

Paul Hackett has been digiscoping since 1998 and gives us an insight into how to get the best photographs by using your birding scopes and binoculars. You are invited to come along and enjoy seeing just how easy it is to learn about this rewarding and growing hobby, and achieve so much!

Garden Birds 01-Apr-2016