Alpine Swift

Tachymarptis melba

Very rare passage migrant.

BOU Name
Alpine Swift
Data Required
EBSIP (8, 9, 17)

Most Recent Records recorded via website

Name Date SiteName Observer Num Notes
Alpine Swift 23 Apr 2018 Frinton-on-Sea Paul Brayshaw 1 North along greensward at 0830
Alpine Swift 22 Jun 2017 TQ6292 Denis Tuck 1 Seen briefly swooping over a hedge in fields east of Ingrav village and then returning again heading north towards Brentwood. Too quick to get a photo and totally unexpected in this area so didn't report it as I wasn't 100% convinced that's what it was, but have now seen Birdguides report of one seen this evening over Hutton, so assume this was most probably the bird I saw this morning.
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