Canada Goose

Branta canadensis

An introduced resident with a stable breeding population.

BOU Name
Canada Goose
Data Required
Breeding survey data and trends and unusual breeding records. Counts of 50+.

Most Recent Records recorded via website

Name Date SiteName Observer Num Notes
Canada Goose 20 Oct 2020 Blue House Farm EWT, North Fambridge Stuart Anderson 60
Canada Goose 20 Oct 2020 Lofts Farm GPs, Heybridge Malcolm Corbett 1
Canada Goose 18 Oct 2020 Wallasea Island, Crouch/Roach Estuaries Ian Dewsnap 20
Canada Goose 07 Oct 2020 Abberton Reservoir Melvin Shepherd-Wells 2
Canada Goose 27 Sep 2020 Russell Green GPs, near Chelmsford Andrew Allen 1
Canada Goose 21 Sep 2020 Lofts Farm GPs, Heybridge Malcolm Corbett 30
Canada Goose 15 Sep 2020 Layer Breton Michael Davies 30 Canada Goose with Goose
Canada Goose 13 Sep 2020 Thurrock Thameside Nature Park (EWT) Paul Larkin 67 Golden Gates
Canada Goose 12 Sep 2020 Broomhouse, Langham Martin Peers 54
Canada Goose 11 Sep 2020 Manningtree Peter Brittain 50 Estimated
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