Carrion Crow

Corvus corone

Common resident and migrant.

BOU Name
Carrion Crow
Data Required
Breeding survey data, trends and unusual records. Records/counts indicative of migration or passage. Counts of 50+

Most Recent Records recorded via website

Name Date SiteName Observer Num Notes
Carrion Crow 28 Oct 2020 Doddinghurst Ian Swanson 250 At least, with jackdaws, in large field off Days Lane
Carrion Crow 03 Oct 2020 Shrub End Ashley Gooding 7
Carrion Crow 02 Oct 2020 TQ6293 Clive Tanner 12 Feeding in local fields
Carrion Crow 14 Jul 2020 Wivenhoe Michael Davies 1
Carrion Crow 24 Jun 2020 Wivenhoe Michael Davies 1 Sitting in a tree by River Colne
Carrion Crow 20 Jun 2020 Colne Pt Jesbin Joseph Siby 15 Perching on telephone lines
Carrion Crow 18 Jun 2020 Ardleigh Reservoir Matt Turner 1
Carrion Crow 15 Jun 2020 Clacton-on-Sea Jesbin Joseph Siby 5 Seen on house and croaking at night
Carrion Crow 01 Jun 2020 Writtle Stuart Anderson 4
Carrion Crow 31 May 2020 Wrabness Paul Chamberlain 1
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