Mandarin Duck

Aix galericulata

Introduced resident - slowly increasing.

BOU Name
Mandarin Duck
Data Required
All records. Sex.

Most Recent Records recorded via website

Name Date SiteName Observer Num Notes
Mandarin Duck 30 Nov 2019 Witham David L Smith 3
Mandarin Duck 01 Oct 2019 Abberton Reservoir David Allen 2 two sleeping females LB causeway + 2 other possible hybrids
Mandarin Duck 19 Sep 2019 Abberton Reservoir Steve Grimwade 3 Fem/imms
Mandarin Duck 09 Sep 2019 Abberton Reservoir David Allen 2 pair asleep under tree at Layer Breton causeway
Mandarin Duck 09 Jul 2019 Abberton Reservoir David Hale 1 Female, LBC.
Mandarin Duck 09 Jul 2019 Great Holland Pits NR Liz Huxley 3 on Lake - all appeared to be juvs
Mandarin Duck 24 Jun 2019 Abberton Reservoir David Allen 1 Female skulking near baby little egrets LBC. Extremely elusive
Mandarin Duck 01 Jun 2019 South Weald Ian Swanson 2 Pair + 6 young
Mandarin Duck 05 May 2019 Hatfield Broad Oak Mike Harris 3 Pr + M
Mandarin Duck 23 Apr 2019 Berechurch, Colchester John Thorogood 2 A pair of duck thought to be this species were flushed from the Roman River
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