Little Tern

Sternula albifrons

Summer visitor and passage migrant; declining.

BOU Name
Little Tern
Data Required
All records. Age.

Most Recent Records recorded via website

Name Date SiteName Observer Num Notes
Little Tern 17 Aug 2019 Two Tree Island, Leigh-on-Sea Andrew Cox 3 Across from slipway, fishing saltmarsh edge & channels.
Little Tern 09 Aug 2019 Mistley James Davidson 1 Adult on the mud bar by the quay. Not seen this far up the river before
Little Tern 08 Jul 2019 Naze, The Paul Hargreaves 25 at least
Little Tern 30 Jun 2019 Jaywick Malcolm Riddler 1
Little Tern 26 Jun 2019 Tollesbury Wick NR EWT Martin Peers 1 fishing off Shinglehead Point
Little Tern 20 Jun 2019 Old Hall Marshes NR RSPB John McLaughlin 3 at least; 3 individuals returned to nesting area, then 3 left shortly after. Possibly 3 pairs?
Little Tern 20 Jun 2019 The Naze at Walton Martin Peers 30 fishing off Stone Point
Little Tern 13 Jun 2019 Old Hall Marshes NR RSPB Stuart Anderson 4
Little Tern 05 Jun 2019 Naze, The Matt Turner 33 fishing Hamford water off stone point
Little Tern 19 May 2019 Tollesbury Wick NR EWT David Curle 1 On shingle bank.
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