Caspian Gull

Larus cachinnans

Scarce, but increasing visitor.

BOU Name
Caspian Gull
Data Required
Notes from Thames; description from other areas.

Most Recent Records recorded via website

Name Date SiteName Observer Num Notes
Caspian Gull 23 Nov 2019 Canvey Island, Thames Estuary Andrew Cox 1 In flight near the Point. Looked to be Third Winter. Obvious pear-shaped head & dark eye.
Caspian Gull 12 Dec 2018 Rainham Marshes NR RSPB Matt Turner 1 Probable 1st winter bird from distance
Caspian Gull 19 Nov 2018 Holland Haven Simon Cox 1 Adult on scrape found by Pete Davis, perhaps one of two seen yesterday by Pete Loud
Caspian Gull 08 Nov 2018 Holland Haven Matt Turner 1 Adult bird on scrape
Caspian Gull 26 Aug 2018 Beckton Gary A James 1 adult
Caspian Gull 13 Jul 2018 Beckton Gary A James 1 3CY
Caspian Gull 24 Dec 2017 Beckton Gary A James 1 1 1st Winter
Caspian Gull 11 Nov 2017 Holland Haven Sean Nixon 1 2cy from hide
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