Long-tailed Duck

Clangula hyemalis

Declining winter visitor and passage migrant.

BOU Name
Long-tailed Duck
Data Required
All records. Age/sex.

Most Recent Records recorded via website

Name Date SiteName Observer Num Notes
Long-tailed Duck 11 Dec 2019 Abberton Reservoir David Allen 2
Long-tailed Duck 07 Dec 2019 Abberton Reservoir Sean Nixon 2
Long-tailed Duck 01 Dec 2019 Hanningfield Reservoir David Jobbins 1 Female/juv type
Long-tailed Duck 30 Nov 2019 Abberton Reservoir Emma Robinson 1 LDHC
Long-tailed Duck 30 Nov 2019 Frinton-on-Sea Paul Brayshaw 3 N @ 1319, assumed bird seen on sea offshore Holland Haven by Max Martin earlier
Long-tailed Duck 29 Nov 2019 Abberton Reservoir Simon Cox 1 LDLH causeway
Long-tailed Duck 29 Nov 2019 Abberton Reservoir David Hale 2 Side by side, LDHC.
Long-tailed Duck 18 Nov 2019 Abberton Reservoir Lee G R Evans 2 Both young drake and female with Pochard east of Layer de la Haye causeway
Long-tailed Duck 17 Nov 2019 Hanningfield Reservoir Simon Satchell 1
Long-tailed Duck 10 Nov 2019 Abberton Reservoir Yvonne Watling 1
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