Black-throated Diver

Gavia arctica

Uncommon winter visitor and passage migrant.

BOU Name
Black-throated Loon
Data Required
All records. Plumage e.g. Summer/winter

Most Recent Records recorded via website

Name Date SiteName Observer Num Notes
Black-throated Diver 18 Jan 2019 East Mersea Stephen Entwistle 1 Off cudmore grove (D Urquhart)
Black-throated Diver 17 Jan 2019 West Mersea Steve Grimwade 1
Black-throated Diver 09 Jan 2019 West Mersea Stephen Entwistle 1 Off west mersea seen by Stuart reed
Black-throated Diver 04 Jan 2019 Brightlingsea Stephen Entwistle 1 On colne/D Stile
Black-throated Diver 06 Dec 2018 Holland Haven Matt Turner 2 1 bird on sea, then 1 flying N 45 mins later (poss same bird?)
Black-throated Diver 05 Dec 2018 Frinton-on-Sea Paul Brayshaw 2 north
Black-throated Diver 01 Dec 2018 Gunners Park, Shoebury Sean Nixon 1 adult on lake
Black-throated Diver 01 Dec 2018 Gunners Park, Shoebury Lee G R Evans 1 An apparent moribund partial breeding-plumaged adult showing to a few yards. In distress and possibly lightly oiled - requires veterinary attention to survive. Spent long periods just shutting its eyes and had attempted to climb on to the bank
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