Red Kite

Milvus milvus

Uncommon but increasing passage migrant and potential resident. Red List species.

BOU Name
Red Kite
Data Required
All records. (RED LIST SPECIES)

Most Recent Records recorded via website

Name Date SiteName Observer Num Notes
Red Kite 12 Jul 2020 Great Notley Brian Barber 1 One single bird seen circling over the Whitecourt estate at Gt.Notley over a period of a couple of hours. There have now been a number of sightings of a single Red Kite since Friday 3rd July-20
Red Kite 08 Jul 2020 Harold Wood SW Claire Hodgr 1 Juvenile Red Kite circling extremely low over gardens around this area
Red Kite 07 Jul 2020 Great Totham Malcolm Corbett 1 Low over Gt. Totham South. Harassed by corvids and glided NE.
Red Kite 06 Jul 2020 Terling Tony Kennelly 1
Red Kite 06 Jul 2020 Thorndon CP (North) Andrew Cox 1
Red Kite 05 Jul 2020 Billericay John Smart 1 Seen from garden in SW Billerica
Red Kite 05 Jul 2020 Weald CP, near South Weald Andrew Cox 2
Red Kite 04 Jul 2020 Epping Melvin Shepherd-Wells 1 Back of High Street above Pelly Court
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