Accipiter gentilis

Uncommon resident and passage migrant. First bred in 2006.

BOU Name
Northern Goshawk
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Most Recent Records recorded via website

Name Date SiteName Observer Num Notes
Goshawk 27 Oct 2019 Beckton Gary A James 1 Female over @ 09.15
Goshawk 26 Oct 2018 Stow Marsh Alan Shearring 1 male flew into trees clutching a moorhen pursued by a carrion crow.
Goshawk 17 Sep 2018 South Woodham Ferrers Alan Shearring 1 soaring fairly low over the houses, probably female as it looked twice the size of a nearby male sparrowhawk
Goshawk 22 Jul 2018 Beckton Gary A James 1 Mobbed by 2 Peregrines, though did not semm bothered. Also seen by Paul Davis
Goshawk 07 May 2018 Fingringhoe Wick NR EWT Ian Dewsnap 1 Over trees opposite intertidal hide with a buzzard
Goshawk 02 Apr 2017 Beckton Gary A James 1 female east @10.50
Goshawk 02 Apr 2017 Woodham Fen EWT Alan Shearring 1 Interestingly when it soared over the sewage works it sent all the gulls into a frenzy, when later a sparrowhawk soared overhead it caused no reaction at all.
Goshawk 05 Feb 2017 Stow Marsh Alan Shearring 1 came down from the high ground sending up all the feeding corvids on Stow Marsh, then made two runs across the reedbeds where birds were coming into roost, in front of me
Goshawk 17 Oct 2016 TQ7697 Ian Bullock 1 Female? flew west and low over A130 - long-tailed,almost Buzzard sized, broad & bow-wing raptor recalling large female Sparrowhawk with slow wing beat.
Goshawk 31 Aug 2016 Maldon Paul Jeffries 1 Adult female spooked from tall hedgerow 2 miles south of town Close but brief view of huge heavy chested bird
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