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Friday 15 Oct Abberton Reservoir

Abberton Reservoir 13:00 to 16:30,
11 Ruff 4 Ringed Plover Redshank 2 Green Sandpiper Common Tern (Juvenile) 9 Goosander 27 Goldeneye 10 Little Grebe Red-necked Grebe Spoonbill 36 Great White Egret 3 Red-crested Pochard (All fem/imm) 2 Marsh Harrier 2 Stonechat (Pair) Siskin Teal (Hybrid Eurasian x Baikal Teal still present) [Daryl Rhymes]

Wednesday 13 Oct Abberton Reservoir

Abberton Reservoir 09:45 to 14:45,
Scaup (LDLH causeway) 350 Redwing (Flying west, flocks up to 110) 2 Brambling Redpoll sp. Spoonbill (Juv off Abberton church) 2 Little Stint (Peldon bay) 6 Ringed Plover 8 Dunlin 2 Spotted Redshank 5 Greenshank 85 Black-tailed Godwit 8 Goosander 21 Goldeneye Mediterranean Gull (Adult Wig bay) Barnacle Goose 35 Great White Egret 15 Ruff 5 Snipe [Daryl Rhymes]

Abberton Reservoir 10:00 to 16:00, highlights
Scaup (female, LDLHCauseway) 8 Goldeneye 2 Golden Plover (Wig bay) 32 Black-tailed Godwit (minimum) 14 Ruff 2 Dunlin (Gwen's hide briefly) 3 Snipe Common Sandpiper (LBC) Green Sandpiper (Billets) 2 Spotted Redshank (Wig bay) 3 Cattle Egret (Garr farm) 29 Great White Egret Sparrowhawk 5 Marsh Harrier (at-least 4 individuals) 10 Buzzard 3 Kestrel 2 Peregrine Falcon (Island Hide and LBC) 10 Skylark 160 Redwing (over Layer village) 5 Stonechat Wheatear 15 Meadow Pipit (minimum) Reed Bunting [Oliver Cottis]

Sunday 10 Oct Abberton Reservoir

Abberton Reservoir 11:00 to 17:00, Sunny
3 Cattle Egret (Lb causeway ) 21 Great White Egret (Hide bay ) 500 Cormorant (Around reserve ) Grey Wagtail 2 Marsh Harrier 3 Buzzard Common Sandpiper 5 Spotted Redshank (Wig bay) 4 Greenshank 50 Black-tailed Godwit 75 Golden Plover 20 Ruff Snipe 30 Pintail 6 Goldeneye 20 Wigeon Skylark 20 Meadow Pipit Stonechat 2 Common Tern 3 House Martin 3 Goosander [Yvonne Watling]

Abberton Reservoir 15:00 to 17:00,
Grey Plover 24 Ringed Plover 19 Ruff 3 Cattle Egret 6 Greenshank 17 Spotted Redshank 2 Dunlin 3 Marsh Harrier Stonechat Wheatear (pale looking bird in Wig bay) 2 Little Stint [Daryl Rhymes]

Abberton Reservoir 16:20 to 18:05, Fine and sunny
3 Cattle Egret (LBC ) 6 Teal (4 female, 2 male. Plus one yellow billed teal) 12 Egyptian Goose 3 Great White Egret (Ldhc) 8 Lapwing 2 Shoveler Grey Heron Grey Wagtail 7 Pied Wagtail 10 Pochard Gadwall (Male) [Paul Everett]

Saturday 09 Oct Abberton Reservoir

Abberton Reservoir 10:00 to 16:00,
Peregrine Falcon (wig bay) 6 Buzzard 3 Kestrel Marsh Harrier (female, wig bay) 12 Great White Egret 4 Common Tern (all juvs) 23 Black-tailed Godwit 9 Spotted Redshank (wig bay) 6 Greenshank (wig bay) 13 Golden Plover (flew over) Ruff 3 Snipe (2 bay hide. Possible Jack Snipe flushed on main reserve but un-confirmed) 30 Pintail (minimum) 3 Reed Bunting 30 Meadow Pipit (minimum) 10 Skylark Grey Wagtail (over main reserve) 3 Linnet 3 Chaffinch 600 Cormorant 20 Little Egret [Oliver Cottis]

Abberton Reservoir 14:15 to 15:40, mainly sunny very light winds - causeways only
Mandarin Duck (LdlH) Common Sandpiper (LdlH) 2 Green Sandpiper (LdlH) Mediterranean Gull (adult winter behind raft LdLH) 2 Great White Egret Marsh Harrier (female type) 5 Buzzard Hobby Peregrine Falcon (LBC on pylon) Grey Wagtail (LBC) Cetti's Warbler (calling) [Sean Gregory]

Abberton Reservoir 10:30 to 16:30, Dry, calm & very warm, sun & cloud. 24c. Sightings with Brenda.
2 Peregrine Falcon (LBC on separate pylons.) 4 Greenshank (Wig Bay) 9 Ruff (Wig & Biilets farm screen.) 16 Black-tailed Godwit (Wig Bay, 3 LDHC.) 29 Little Egret 8 Great White Egret 11 Grey Heron 200 Lapwing (Circa.) 30 Meadow Pipit (Plus, Billets Farm Screen.) 50 Pintail (Circa. Wig Bay. ) 3 Buzzard 2 Reed Bunting (Pair.) 20 Pied Wagtail (At least. Billets Farm.) 4 Skylark Green Sandpiper (LDHC.) [David Hale]

Friday 08 Oct Abberton Reservoir

Abberton Reservoir 07:30 to 15:15,
American Golden Plover (Adult with 50 Eurasian GP in Wigborough bay over high tide) Rock Pipit 2 Grey Wagtail Yellow Wagtail Little Tern (Juvenile Wigborough bay) 2 Common Tern 3 Marsh Harrier 5 Spotted Redshank 7 Greenshank 95 Black-tailed Godwit 50 Golden Plover 2 Grey Plover 21 Ruff 10 Snipe Goldeneye Black-necked Grebe Spoonbill 36 Great White Egret 2 Cattle Egret 2 Stonechat 2 Dunlin Redshank 32 Ringed Plover Scaup (Female LDLH cway) [Daryl Rhymes]

Wednesday 06 Oct Abberton Reservoir

Abberton Reservoir 09:30 to 14:30,
Grey Plover 19 Ruff Common Sandpiper Green Sandpiper 2 Goldeneye Mediterranean Gull 22 House Martin 2 Sand Martin (Wigborough bay) 15 Swallow 29 Great White Egret 4 Goosander Marsh Harrier Peregrine Falcon 3 Common Tern Grey Wagtail [Daryl Rhymes]

Tuesday 05 Oct Abberton Reservoir

Abberton Reservoir 10:00 to 17:00, Sunny spells, intermittent showers, stiff breeze, quite chilly when the sun went in.
30+ Great White Egret (Individuals and pairs dotted round the reservoir, but a large group, around 20, seen from Billetts screen.) 10 Cattle Egret (Feeding in sheep field adjacent to Gare House farm.) Green Sandpiper (Feeding on south east side of Layer De La Haye Causeway) Common Sandpiper (Feeding along waterline on west side of layer de La Haye Causeway) c.200 Coot (Large flock from Layer de la Haye Causeway. ) Grey Wagtail (North east side of Layer Breton causeay.) Cetti's Warbler (Heard singing from Layer Breton causeway, south side.) Kingfisher (Layer Breton causeway.) c.10 Grey Heron c.10 Pied Wagtail Chaffinch c.30 Great Crested Grebe Little Grebe (South side Layer Breton causeway.) Marsh Harrier c.50 Little Egret [Kevin Colling]

Monday 04 Oct Abberton Reservoir

Abberton Reservoir 14:00 to 18:45, Selected highlights
34 Great White Egret (At roost) 9 Cattle Egret (At roost ) 103 Little Egret (At roost) 2 Spotted Redshank Kingfisher Water Rail Barnacle Goose Marsh Harrier 3 Goosander 5 Swallow 8 House Martin 2 Common Tern [Steve Grimwade]

Sunday 03 Oct Abberton Reservoir

Abberton Reservoir 10:00 to 13:00, Windy dull
Barnacle Goose (Wigborough bay) 5 Spoonbill (Wigborough Bay ) Marsh Harrier (Very close wigborough Bay ) Swallow House Martin Common Tern Green Sandpiper (Layer breton causeway) Common Sandpiper (Layer de la haye causeway) [Moira Jackson]

Abberton Reservoir 06:45 to 16:00, Overcast at first becoming bright and sunny
7 Great White Egret 5 Spoonbill (Wigbourgh bay viewing hide) 20 Wigeon 50 Pintail (At least) 2 Goldeneye (♀ Layer De La Haye causeway - Middle section) Barnacle Goose (Wigbourgh bay viewing hide - Far bank) 2 Buzzard (Layer Breton causeway) Sparrowhawk (Layer Breton causeway) Marsh Harrier (♀ Layer Breton causeway) 55 Black-tailed Godwit (Most in front of the Wigbourgh bay viewing hide) 3 Green Sandpiper (1 x Layer Breton causeway - 2 x Visitor centre overhead) 5 Ruff (Wigbourgh bay viewing hide) 3 Common Tern (Gwen's hide) Kingfisher (Layer Breton causeway) Green Woodpecker (Whitehouse Grove) 3 Great Spotted Woodpecker (1 x Layer Breton causeway - 2 x Visitor centre overhead) 4 Swallow (Layer Breton causeway) 50 House Martin (At least with most on the Layer Breton causeway) Chiffchaff (Layer Breton causeway) 2 Cetti's Warbler (Heard only - Layer Breton causeway) 20 Meadow Pipit (Most from the Billets farm) 2 Grey Wagtail (Layer Breton causeway) [Mick Woodruff]

Abberton Reservoir 09:30 to 11:30,
5 Spoonbill (Feeding on NE side of Wig bay. All appeared to be juv. ) 19 Great White Egret (All viewable at same time across the reservoir from LDLH church. Including 13 in Wig bay. ) 2 Goosander (Abberton Church. ) [Simon Patient]

Friday 01 Oct Abberton Reservoir

Abberton Reservoir 16:15 to 18:15, Fine, overcast
9 Little Egret 2 Grey Heron 28 Pochard Robin 18 Lapwing 37 Egyptian Goose 5 Teal 5 Great White Egret Pintail Ruff Green Sandpiper 3 Shoveler (Males) Goldeneye (Thanks to Matt Turner) Stonechat Kingfisher (Male) [Paul Everett]

Abberton Reservoir 17:45 to 18:45,
Kingfisher (Thanks to Paul Everett) 19 Great White Egret (Birds continuously coming in to roost until I had to go) Great Spotted Woodpecker Goldeneye (Female) Caspian Gull (1w in flight then briefly on water) [Matt Turner]