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Tuesday 16 Aug Great Totham

Great Totham 00:05 to 07:45,
Tawny Owl (Calling just after midnight, Prince of Wales Road.) 20 Goldfinch (circa. 07:45, St.Peter's Churchyard.) [Malcolm Corbett]

Great Totham 11:05 to 11:08, Cloudy, light rain, light SW wind.
152 Blue Tit (Mixed flock of Blue, Great and Long-tailed Tit flew in a steady stream briefly into garden from NW before moving on SE over a three minute spell. Prince of Wales Road.) [Malcolm Corbett]

Friday 12 Aug Great Totham

Great Totham 06:40 to 07:30, Sunny, warm, light NE wind.
3 Buzzard (One adult in flight and juveniles calling from South Wood and Pan Grove. ) Green Woodpecker (Calling from Spickets Wood.) [Malcolm Corbett]

Wednesday 10 Aug Great Totham

Great Totham 07:00 to 07:55, Warming up.
Little Owl (In usual Oak, Church Road.) Green Woodpecker (Spickets Wood.) [Malcolm Corbett]

Thursday 04 Aug Great Totham

Great Totham 08:40 to 08:40, Sun and cloud, light W wind, warm.
Little Owl (Resident bird in usual Oak. Church Road.) [Malcolm Corbett]

Wednesday 03 Aug Great Totham

Great Totham 07:00 to 07:30,
Little Owl (In usual Oak tree, Church Road.) Kestrel (Over scrub adj. Totham Pit.) [Malcolm Corbett]

Sunday 31 Jul Great Totham

Great Totham 20:50 to 21:00, Dusk,Along Church Road, Only 1 Bird!!!
Little Owl (Flew into tree and was perched there until we left.) [Zane Sargent ]

Tuesday 26 Jul Great Totham

Great Totham 08:45 to 08:45,
Sparrowhawk (Female. Gardens, Hall Road.) [Malcolm Corbett]

Monday 25 Jul Great Totham

Great Totham 07:50 to 07:50,
Little Owl (As ever. Usual Oak tree, Church Road.) [Malcolm Corbett]

Saturday 23 Jul Great Totham

Great Totham 08:00 to 08:00, Sun and cloud, light N wind.
17 Swift (At least. Screaming party briefly over Gt.Totham South.) [Malcolm Corbett]

Thursday 14 Jul Great Totham

Great Totham 05:40 to 06:40, Sun and cloud, light NW wind.
Buzzard (Flew out of garden, Prince of Wales Road.) Little Owl (Usual Oak tree, Church Road.) 3 Green Woodpecker (Two, South Wood. One, Totham Pit.) 2 Swift (Over village.) [Malcolm Corbett]