Date Details Sitename
Tuesday 26 Jan

Boreham 08:00 to 09:00,
1 Kingfisher (By bridge, Church rd) [Laim Hammond]

Monday 25 Jan

Boreham 08:05 to 10:00, Very light SE, sunny and clear; heavy frost. Boreham Patch Birding
131 Tufted Duck (Abother record count on Trifarm Pit) 1 Pochard (F ) 3 Goosander (2MM,1F; flew west up river NFY) 2 Kingfisher (Boreham Brook and Chelmer by bridge) 75 Golden Plover (On stubble, new in) 3 Sparrowhawk (Different birds in garden over last week AdM, immM, F.) 34 Goldfinch (Peak count over last 2 days; none elsewhere) 3 Yellowhammer (On stubble with Skylarks) 15 Skylark (On stubble; no Mipits found) 2 Woodcock (2 birds in different locations) 1 Jack Snipe (In flooded Chenopodiaecae Boreham Meads; 2nd this winter, rare here (NFY)) 2 Snipe (On Boreham Meads, first for a week.) 15 Fieldfare (First for a week.) 12 Song Thrush (On Boreham Meads; vary wary, presumed winter visitors. No Redwings) 1 Treecreeper (In tit flock near Boreham Brook (NFY)) 1 Water Rail (On edge of Boreham Brook, 4th location this winter) 25 Reed Bunting (Record count near Boreham Brook feeding on shooting break) 4 Herring Gull (adult argentatus on flood ice early am. ) [Graham Ekins]

Sunday 17 Jan

Boreham 07:50 to 09:15, Boreham patch Birding; flood receding but still very muddy; Light SW breeze and sunny. Great circuit.
220 Greylag Goose (First flock on patch since Christmas shoot) 7 Shoveler (On flood, new in overnight; Gadwall from yesterday have gone.) 5 Teal (No change) 72 Tufted Duck (I thought 52 yesterday was great but this is another record, on Trifarm Pit) 1 Pochard (F still with T. Ducks) 65 Pied Wagtail (On edge of flood, largest winter flock so far.) 1 Peregrine Falcon (Ad M half-hearted stoop on B.H. Gulls) 1 Woodcock (Flushed from brambles by Chelmer by fishermen near bridge.) 8 Snipe (Increase on yesterday; Western Mead.) 30 Wigeon (Trifarm Pit) 12 Meadow Pipit (Halved in numbers from yesterday; edge of flooded Boreham Mead. No sign of Reed Bunting. ) 15 Skylark (On stubble and first fro 10 days.) 1 Blackcap (M still feeding on apples in garden.) 2 Coal Tit (Now resident at garden feeders this winter. Previous years infrequent.) [Graham Ekins]

Saturday 16 Jan

Boreham 11:00 to 12:30, Light SE, heavily overcast; sleet then light rain; Boreham patch Birding Circuit; still considerable flooding
1 Little Egret (Flew east down river at 11.30 (2nd rcord for 2021)) 52 Tufted Duck (On Trifarm Pit, a record count for patch) 1 Pochard (Female still present) 5 Teal (No change since 7th Jan) 12 Gadwall (New in) 7 Snipe (New arrivals) 25 Meadow Pipit (Numbers have doubled since 14th. ) 18 Redwing (Little change since 7th January. No Fieldfare recorded) 1 Red Kite (Distant bird circling over stubble and drifting N. (NFY)) 32 Wigeon (No change from 14th) 7 Egyptian Goose (On flood (NFY)) 1 Blackcap (Male still feeding on apples in garden) [Graham Ekins]

Saturday 09 Jan

Boreham 08:35 to 10:00, Mist clearing, wind very light NW, misty but later sunny; near freezing; Patch Birding year total 76.
2 Reed Bunting (Feeding amongst flooded Chenopodiaceae; rare in winter) 5 Song Thrush (Feeding together amongst flooded Chenopodiaceae with 12 Redwings, very wary and I guess winter visitors.) 12 Redwing (Feeding with Song Thrushes amongst flooded Chenopodiaceae.) 3 Fieldfare (Scattered across patch; no sign of recent large flocks or any passage.) 12 Meadow Pipit (Feeding on ice amongst Phragmites) 22 Tufted Duck (Flock that arrived on 7th still present on Trifarm Pit. A good winter total.) 5 Teal (On edge of Trifarm Pit (NFY)) 1 Pochard (Female with Tufted Dicks (NFY)) 2 Gadwall (On Trifarm Pit) 1 Kingfisher (By weir, Mill House) 1 Peregrine Falcon (Adult male back on pylon, last seen 7th) 225 Lapwing (On the 7th, near record winter count, arrived overnight and no sign of anytoday) 97 Mallard (Unusually high total, feeding actively in shallows on Trifarm Pit, arrived overnight) 3 Water Rail (3 different sites, birds rarely seen but calling. ) 1 Cetti's Warbler (Bird called 3 times this am edge of Boreham Meads , last recorded in May. No sign of Jack Snipe or Snipe, ground frozen.) 1 Blackcap (Male now resident feeding on apples in garden) 11 Chaffinch (Feeding in garden) 33 Goldfinch (Increase in garden coincided with night frosts) 11 Long-tailed Tit (Evening of the 8th January in garden. ) [Graham Ekins]

Tuesday 05 Jan

Boreham 08:15 to 09:20, Boreham Patch Birding circuit-very muddy|; Cool NNE, force 2, rain showers later; good visibility
1 Jack Snipe (On edge of Boreham Meads; NFY and only 2nd recent record.) 5 Snipe (Boreham Meads) 32 Wigeon (Trifarm Pit) 2 Gadwall (First for 3 days) 6 Tufted Duck (5 MM) 1 Water Rail (Calling by bridge in ditch but not seen; also seen & heard 4th & 3rd January) 42 Goldfinch (On garden feeders (have added extra!!) currently highest winter count pm 4th) 22 Wood Pigeon (Under garden feeders, highest winter count pm 4th) 3 Stock Dove (2MM, 1F under garden feeders with first winter sighting on 1st Jan) 1 Blackcap (Male feeding on apples placed on apple tree pm 4th. 3rd winter sighting.) 12 Mute Swan (7 were immatures, flew west along the Chelmer 09.15) 1 Little Egret (Adult showing signs of breeding plumage on Trifarm Pit 1st and 2nd January. ) 125 Fieldfare (Flew high W along Chelmer on 3rd in several flocks; found just 2 this am ) 15 Skylark (Flew west along Chelmer am on 3rd; none seen today.) 72 Lapwing (On rapidly diminishing flood.) 5 Great Crested Grebe (On Trifarm Pit) 2 Lesser Black-backed Gull (2 graelsii adults in winter plumage briefly on flood 08.30. ) 2 Green Woodpecker (Around Trifarm Pit ) [Graham Ekins]

Thursday 31 Dec

Boreham 08:05 to 10:15, Boreham Patch Birding; Very light NW; mist early; heavy frost but R. Chelmer and Trifarm Pit unfrozen. Another excellent circuit
1 Goldeneye (imm M on Trifarm Pit; NFY, last patch record 12/3/2019) 1 Water Rail (Watched briefly in ditch near Chelmer Bridge, also called twice. Last sighting in same location February.) 1 Woodcock (Flushed from brambles on south side of Trifarm Pit. 3 other sightings at dusk earlier in December.) 28 Wigeon (New in overnight presumably as no shoot. ) 2 Gadwall (Ditto comment to Wigeon) 225 Fieldfare (These flew high west along Chelmer in several flocks pm yesterday. Today just 2 found.) 15 Redwing (Feeding under hedgerows along Chelmer, same number as yesterday.) 1 Great Black-backed Gull (Adult on flood ice early am then flew west. 4th record in 2 weeks, usually very scarce) 1 Peregrine Falcon (Adult male on ususal pylon) 76 Meadow Pipit (Feeding on stubble; new in and a record count for patch. Rarely have this habitat as usually ploughed. ) 31 Skylark (Flock feeding on stubble; record count for 2020. Some at least presumed to be migrants) 5 Pied Wagtail (Feeding in stubble with Skylarks) 22 Goldfinch (On feeders in garden am) 1 Greenfinch (Presumed usual male that appeared 3 days ago. Now a very scarce species.) 11 Chaffinch (Feeding under feeders in garden. Numbers increasing daily. ) [Graham Ekins]

Tuesday 29 Dec

Boreham 09:50 to 10:00, Heavily overcast with light WNW breeze; Patch Birding
3 Great White Egret (Feeding by edge of Chelmer then on nearby flooded field before moving to edge of Trifarm Pit; very wary and flighty. Then circled and flew off high NE. previous patch record 15th February 2018. ) [Graham Ekins]

Monday 28 Dec

Boreham 07:50 to 09:10, Frosty; light SSE breeze, clear and sunny, later mist; flood on Boreham patch; Excellent circuit; did not expect 2 NFY.
1 Curlew (Flew West calling over flood; rare on patch & NFY) 1 Stonechat (Female, edge if flood, rare on patch & NFY) 2 Kingfisher (On Chelmer by flood. Beinf seen regularly. ) 1 Blackcap (Male in garden briefly, ignored apples and fat balls. Firsdt since March) 2 Great Black-backed Gull (2 adults NW over flood; scarce but 3rd record in 2 weeks. ) 25 Fieldfare (Feeding on roadside Hawthorn berries) 12 Redwing (Also feeding on roadside berries) 1 Peregrine Falcon (Ad M again on distant pylon) 25 Lapwing (On edge of flood) 55 Golden Plover (Flew east down the Chelmer.) 12 Wigeon (Massive decrease and most other ducks and geese have dispered. Several Christmas shoots over last week causing massive disturbance. ) [Graham Ekins]

Wednesday 02 Dec

Boreham 15:00 to 16:05, Patch Birding; lightly overcast but dry.
3 White-fronted Goose ((1 presumed juv-distant and almost dark) Came in with Greylags and Canada Geese from NE, 2nd record in 3 days ) 1 Barn Owl (Hunting along edge of Chelmer at dusk) 1 Green Sandpiper (On partially flooded field) 55 Pied Wagtail (Loose flock actively feeding before leaving to roost) 61 Lapwing (largest flock this autumn) 25 Golden Plover (Flew over high to east; has been a scarce species this autumn.) 82 Greylag Goose (Came in from NE with other geese) 18 Canada Goose (came in with other geese to flooded field) 18 Wigeon (Trifarm Pit) 1 Green Woodpecker (feeding along edge of Trifarm Pit) 3 Tufted Duck (1 male, on Trifarm Pit) 12 Egyptian Goose (On Trifarm Pit) 1 Kingfisher (Flew W along Chelmer by bridge) 42 Cormorant (One flock high from NE to SW, presumably roosting at Hanningfield Reservoir) [Graham Ekins]