Date Details Sitename
Saturday 04 Jul

Boreham 11:30 to 12:00,
1 Cetti's Warbler (Male singing) [Neil Murphy]

Wednesday 01 Jul

Boreham 06:00 to 08:00, Force 2/3 SW & overcast, dry; Boreham Patch birding
4 Crossbill (Calling flock flew west over garden at 06.25; last sighting was 10 years ago. ) 1 Black-tailed Godwit (male of islandica race on Trifarm Pit at 07.30 but no sign at 08.30 but someone swimming!) 120 Swift (08.00-Active feeding on western edge of village. largest group for several years. Local population 12. ) 1 Kingfisher (By Little Baddow bridge at 07.45 on 1st July. ) [Graham Ekins]

Saturday 27 Jun

Boreham 03:50 to 07:45, Light SSW, occasional rain showers; moth trapping late evening and very early morning has resulted in some interesting records
2 Swallow (Juveniles rapidly south at 09.40 on 27th June. Early migration?) 1 Hobby (Daily sightings currently, most pm of singles) 1 Peregrine Falcon (Small male heading SE at 09.15. 3rd sighting in 3 weeks.) 1 Curlew (Heard high overhead 16th June 04.00-heading south) 1 Green Sandpiper (one calling over head quite low 23.00 on 25th. Heading NW, presumably to Russell Green Pits) 1 Blackbird (3rd nesting occuring 27th June in ivy covered tree,re-lining old nest) 11 Lapwing (7 young fledged from 4 broods on Boreham patch, most successful year since set-a-side.) [Graham Ekins]

Monday 13 Jan

Boreham 12:30 to 12:35, Strengthening SW wind with inccreasing cloud
1 Red Kite (Immature soaring high over Church and drifting NE. 1st patch record in 2020 and 3rd in Essex today. ) [Graham Ekins]

Tuesday 09 Apr

Boreham 06:30 to 07:45, Light NE, heavily overcast; 8C at 06.30; Superb Boreham Patch Birding last few days
2 Common Tern (Over Trifarm Pit at 14.00 on 8th April, no sign this morning. One day later than 1st record in 2018.) 1 Yellow Wagtail (2nd bird of the spring early am on Sunday 7th April. ) 1 Little Ringed Plover (NFY, First of spring here on 7th April, gravel is now overgrown and so breeding unlikely) 1 Black-tailed Godwit (NFY, Summer plumage bird on pit all day 8th April, only 2nd patch record after one last April. No sign this morning) 1 Greenshank (NFY, First patch record for 2 years, flying over pit on arrival) 2 Redshank (Pair roosting on Trifarm Pit, left at 07.05 heading N. 2nd record this spring. ) 125 Sand Martin (None yesterday pm but am came in from N while scanning, presumably from pits N of Boreham.) 22 Swallow (None yesterday pm but this group feeding low over pit, number slowly dropping during visit) 2 House Martin (Over pit and NFY. ) 1 Iceland Gull (An intriguing bird flew along the Chelmer heading towards Maldon at 06.45. Suggested a 2nd year bird but one distant shot shows P10 to 8 with shadow!) 6 Wigeon (This is getting late for my patch.) 2 Gadwall (first for a week. ) 6 Teal (New arrivals, first for a week. ) 2 Pochard (2 drakes, very late for my patch.) 5 Blackcap (4 singing along Chelmer Monday 8th April and another singing in garden.) [Graham Ekins]

Wednesday 03 Apr

Boreham 14:30 to 16:15, Wind a light S/SW with one heavy squally shower otherwise felt warm in the sunshine; Patch Birding Visit; signs of migration
1 Yellow Wagtail (male dropped in during the rain shower, fed actively around N edge of pit.) 22 Sand Martin (None on arrival, appeared during rain and left as sun came out) 2 Swallow (Arrived with the Sand Martins and left at same time.) 8 Linnet (First this spring; mobile flock) 2 Teal (pair feeding along N edge) 1 Gadwall (All have left as have the Pochard & Shoveler) 12 Wigeon (Steady decrease in recent days. ) 12 Coot (22 have left in last 3 days. ) 4 Robin (Pair in back garden have young 5 days old; front garden pair still incubating) 4 Wood Pigeon (2 pairs both building in front hedges of neighbours and our hedges. ) 2 Blackbird (Well grown young in nest in front hedge.) 8 House Sparrow (4 pairs in colony nest boxes on front wall of house. ) 1 Song Thrush (Unpaired male singing still in oak in back garden. ) 6 Buzzard (Flock very high and circling at 16.00, drifting N, presumed migrants. ) [Graham Ekins]

Wednesday 20 Mar

Boreham 06:20 to 07:30, Light SW, increasingly overcast; 7.5C at 06.20; Boreham Patch Birding. Plus additional records from pm 19th March.
1 Swallow (Feeding over Trifarm Pit at 16.05 on 19th March then flew off N at 16.12.No sign this morning. NFY and earliest ever. ) 300 Starling (Feeding in a tight flock in pea field with Fieldfare 19th from 16.00 . Record sized flock and not present am 20th) 65 Fieldfare (Feeding with Starlings pm 19th;this large flock not present am 19th or this morning (20th). Both species very wary.) 2 Teal (pair on pit) 58 Tufted Duck (Still increasing. ) 5 Gadwall (Still increasing. Shoveler have moved on) 1 Kingfisher (First by bridge since February. Most recent records Paper Mill Lock) 1 Grey Wagtail (Flew west up river at 06.45 (NFY)) [Graham Ekins]

Tuesday 19 Mar

Boreham 06:40 to 07:45, Light SW, high cloud, good vis. 4.5C at 06.40; Boreham Patch Birding. Further signs of migration
1 Redshank (Summer plumage, NFY) 3 Shoveler (2MM, 1F, NFY) 36 Wigeon (Significant increase cf last 2 days. Presumably some new passage birds) 7 Pochard (Decrease continues ) 28 Tufted Duck (Numbers have doubled overnight, presumably involves passage birds from further S and W.) 4 Reed Bunting (All males, increase of 1 on yesterday) 4 Chiffchaff (2 apparently new arrivals as in new areas.) 11 Fieldfare (First since the 15th March, feeding as one tight group. Presumed new passage birds) 1 Redwing (First since early December, feeding with Fieldfares. ) 500 Wood Pigeon (Feeding on Oil Seed Rape. This flock has been moving up and down valley for last week.) [Graham Ekins]

Sunday 17 Mar

Boreham 06:30 to 07:20, Light W/NW breeze; scattered high cloud, good vis. ; Boreham Patch Birding; vis. migration occuring
1 Fieldfare (No sign of any this morning. Last seen 15th (does not accept 0 counts)) 3 Gadwall (2MM, new in Friday 16th March) 1 Goldeneye (Male still present, was NFS on the 12th. ) 12 Wigeon (Decrease continues, record count of 52 on the 12th.) 8 Pochard (3 FF, decrease continues) 2 Little Grebe (first seen 12th) 1 Little Egret (First seen 12th an adult in summer plumage) 5 Skylark (First singing males for 8 days. ) 3 Reed Bunting (Males very mobile NFY) 8 Meadow Pipit (2 flocks of 3 and 5 high N between 06.35 and 06.50.) 1 Marsh Harrier (Female type plumage very high N at 07.05 (NFY)) 2 Teal (Pair and first for 22 days. ) [Graham Ekins]

Friday 15 Mar

Boreham 06:50 to 08:10, Force 3 SW increasing; dry and mild at 11.5C. Boreham Patch Birding summary for the 11th to 15th March. One NFS.
1 Willow Warbler (male sining intermittently in Blackthorn just S of Church on 11th and 12th but not since; earliest ever.) 2 Chiffchaff (Singing birds from the 27th February in Willows alongside Chelmer.) 14 Lapwing (In one tight flock on the 11th; presumed migrants as local birds all on territory and displaying. ) 2 Oystercatcher (One bird from 25th February pair from 11th March. ) 3 Shelduck (2MM, 1F new in this morning (15th)) 32 Fieldfare (Still present on 14th feeding in pea field with 40 Starlings) 40 Starling (Presumed late winter visitors feeding with Starlings on 14th. Otherwise uncommon in valley.) 145 Black-headed Gull (Virtually all in full summer plumage feeding on insect hatch this morning; presumed Russel Green Pit colony birds.) 5 Cormorant (present this morning. Have uploaded an image of a juv male carbo and an adult female summer sinensis, nice comparison.) 1 Goldeneye (Adult male arrived on 12th and present to the 14th. New for Site and long overdue. ) 24 Pochard (6 being FFs, on the 12th still 15 this morning. A record count.) 52 Wigeon (on the 12th is late for here and this is also a record count for my patch. ) [Graham Ekins]