Sitename Details

Wivenhoe 09:00 to 13:00,
1 Hobby (over garden after flying ants) [Richard Allen]

Great Totham

Great Totham 20:50 to 21:00,
23 Swift (At least. Screaming over Gt. Totham South. Most seen together so far this year at this location) [Malcolm Corbett]

Lofts Farm GPs, Heybridge

Lofts Farm GPs, Heybridge 11:00 to 12:25, With Graham Barber.
2 Mute Swan (Pair with five young) 20 Great Crested Grebe (+. At least five occupied nests.) 3 Common Tern 1 Cetti's Warbler (Heard only.) [Malcolm Corbett]

Chigborough Lakes

Chigborough Lakes 09:25 to 11:00, And 12:25 to 13:20. Busy! Sightings with Graham Barber. Two terrapin seen on Gadwall Lake.
6 Mute Swan (Three pair. One Teal Pond, seven young. One Bean Mere, three young. One Pochard Lake, three (previously four) young.) 1 Pochard (Female with three young, Main Lake.) 1 Tufted Duck (Female with nine young, Pochard Lake.) 1 Cattle Egret (Adult, breeding plumage, in heronry but some distance from nest with young.) 2 Buzzard (Spiralling together north of reserve.) 2 Kingfisher (Gadwall Lake. Seen at same time. Two terrapin now present.) 2 Green Woodpecker 1 Bullfinch (Female.) [Malcolm Corbett]

Chigborough Lakes 17:15 to 18:15, Very warm and sunny
2 Cattle Egret (Adults plus at least 2 fledgling) 1 Common Tern 4 Little Egret (At least) [Brian Bolton]

Thurrock Thameside Nature Park (EWT)

Thurrock Thameside Nature Park (EWT) 11:00 to 11:30,
7 Pochard (On the pit to the south of the tip) 1 Tufted Duck (Plus a brood of seven on the pit to the south of the tip) 1 Great Crested Grebe (On the pit to the south of the tip) [Paul Larkin]

East Tilbury

East Tilbury 08:00 to 12:30, Overcast, sunny later, light W wind, rising tide
12 Mediterranean Gull (All adults bar one 1st summer) 35 Lapwing 125 Shelduck 1 Marsh Harrier (Female type) 29 Common Tern (Over the Thames) 2 Pochard 2 Tufted Duck 5 Little Grebe 1 Little Ringed Plover (Adult) 2 Mute Swan 1 Cetti's Warbler 10 Grey Plover 2 Dunlin 28 Curlew 689 Avocet 89 Black-tailed Godwit [Paul Larkin]


Wrabness 16:00 to 16:00, Excellent
80 Sand Martin (I have never seen so many Sand Martins,although I say 80 there could well be 100) 1 Turtle Dove (Heard and seen in tree near car park) [Peter Brittain]


Southend-on-Sea 11:15 to 15:00, Becoming sunny, warm. Pier.
11 Mediterranean Gull (Five adults, three 2nd summers, three 1st summers. Many more in melee of feeding gulls & terns off the piers end.) 5 Sandwich Tern (At least.) 20 Common Tern (At least. Many catching & carrying fish westward.) [Andrew Cox]

Vange Marsh RSPB

Vange Marsh RSPB 08:15 to 10:00, Cloudy, warm.
1 Buzzard 1 Marsh Harrier (Juvenile.) 1 Kestrel 4 Black-tailed Godwit 16 Curlew 4 Spotted Redshank (At least. Beginning to moult out of summer plumage.) 1 Greenshank 2 Green Sandpiper [Andrew Cox]

Great Baddow, Chelmsford

Great Baddow, Chelmsford 15:00 to 16:30, sunny, light winds, warm
1 Little Egret 2 Buzzard 1 Sparrowhawk (male) 1 Kestrel (female) 1 Hobby 1 Blackcap (female) 1 Coal Tit (juvenile) [Sean Gregory]