Green Sandpiper

Tringa ochropus

Common passage migrant and much increased winter visitor.

BOU Name
Green Sandpiper
Data Required
All records.

Most Recent Records recorded via website

Name Date SiteName Observer Num Notes
Green Sandpiper 18 Mar 2019 Ardleigh Reservoir Martin Peers 3 gravel pit 2; upper dam 1
Green Sandpiper 17 Mar 2019 Fingringhoe Ashley Gooding 1 all on previously flooded area
Green Sandpiper 06 Mar 2019 Manningtree Peter Brittain 1
Green Sandpiper 04 Mar 2019 Russell Green GPs, near Chelmsford Brian Bolton 1 Still. Thanks George.
Green Sandpiper 03 Mar 2019 Abberton Reservoir Yvonne Watling 1
Green Sandpiper 01 Mar 2019 The Hythe, Colchester Matt Turner 1 on lagoon
Green Sandpiper 01 Mar 2019 Wallasea Island, Crouch/Roach Estuaries Sean Huggins 1
Green Sandpiper 24 Feb 2019 Cattawade Marsh/Splodge Matt Turner 1 In usual place on splodge
Green Sandpiper 24 Feb 2019 Vange Marsh RSPB Andrew Cox 1
Green Sandpiper 23 Feb 2019 Fingringhoe Andrew Allen 1 Fingringhoe Quarry
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