Common Gull

Larus canus

Common passage migrant and winter visitor.

BOU Name
Mew Gull
Data Required
All records. May to August. Otherwise counts of 250+

Most Recent Records recorded via website

Name Date SiteName Observer Num Notes
Common Gull 18 Mar 2019 Ardleigh Reservoir Martin Peers 2 all gulls on gravel pit
Common Gull 03 Mar 2019 Hanningfield Reservoir Ben Mapp 4 Field next to causeway
Common Gull 21 Feb 2019 Abberton Reservoir Martin Peers 200 circa
Common Gull 19 Feb 2019 Boreham Graham Ekins 5 adults still with winter plumage neck streaking
Common Gull 16 Feb 2019 Rainham Marshes NR RSPB Sean Nixon 71 circa.
Common Gull 15 Feb 2019 Cattawade Marsh/Splodge Matt Turner 2
Common Gull 09 Feb 2019 Hanningfield Reservoir David Hale 20 Circa.
Common Gull 26 Jan 2019 Broomhouse, Langham Paul Hargreaves 6 on flashes
Common Gull 26 Jan 2019 Hanningfield Reservoir David Hale 9
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