Stock Dove

Columba oenas

Resident and passage migrant.

BOU Name
Stock Dove
Data Required
All breeding records. Counts of 20+. Notes on nesting sites, ie: natural or man made.

Most Recent Records recorded via website

Name Date SiteName Observer Num Notes
Stock Dove 14 Jan 2019 Wat Tyler CP, Pitsea David Hale 30 Plus.
Stock Dove 11 Jan 2019 Stow Marsh Alan Shearring 450
Stock Dove 05 Jan 2019 Colchester Sean Nixon 1 Feeding below bird feeders in back garden
Stock Dove 04 Jan 2019 Holland Haven Liz Huxley 8
Stock Dove 02 Jan 2019 East Mersea Stephen Entwistle 4 Cudmore grove
Stock Dove 01 Jan 2019 Henny Street Martin Peers 1 song
Stock Dove 25 Dec 2018 Norsey Wood, Billericay Simon Satchell 15 +
Stock Dove 12 Dec 2018 Stow Marsh Alan Shearring 500
Stock Dove 08 Dec 2018 Copt Hall, Little Wigborough David Curle 4
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