Hooded Crow

Corvus cornix

Rare visitor.

BOU Name
Hooded Crow
Data Required
Notes. To include notes on how Carrion x Hooded Crow hybrid was eliminated.

Most Recent Records recorded via website

Name Date SiteName Observer Num Notes
Hooded Crow 23 Oct 2018 Stow Marsh Alan Shearring 1 in with the hundreds of corvids scattered across the marsh, all very flighty
Hooded Crow 16 Feb 2017 TL8439 Neil Chambers 1 still present in field east of Church Road & south of Sandy Lane
Hooded Crow 08 Jan 2017 TL8540 David Allen 1 in trees for 5 minutes from 300 yards down Sandy Lane opposite a farm entrance
Hooded Crow 07 Jan 2017 TL8440 Mark Gregory 1 showing briefly
Hooded Crow 06 Jan 2017 Sudbury, Suffolk Peter Triston 1 SW of Sudbury at Bulmer along Sandy Lane from Church \road
Hooded Crow 05 Jan 2017 TL8440 Mick Tracey 1
Hooded Crow 05 Jan 2017 TL8440 Mick Tracey 1
Hooded Crow 02 Jan 2017 TL8540 Neil Murphy 1 view from Vicars Orchard or Sandy Lane
Hooded Crow 01 Jan 2017 TL8440 Hugh Owen 1 Still present in huge corvid flock on field and trees on right of Church Road at Bulmer village
Hooded Crow 26 Dec 2016 TL8440 Hugh Owen 1 present in field adjacent Church Road, Bulmer yesterday and today
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