Corvus corax

Rare visitor.

BOU Name
Northern Raven
Data Required
Notes.(all records outside LNHS area)

Most Recent Records recorded via website

Name Date SiteName Observer Num Notes
Raven 10 Jan 2019 Writtle John McLaughlin 2 a pair flew south, calling and "flirting" with each other
Raven 08 Jan 2019 Terling David Gomer 1 A single bird.
Raven 04 Jan 2019 Epping Roger Emmens 1 Flying over calling, heading SW
Raven 13 Dec 2018 East Tilbury Paul Larkin 2 Flew low over church towards Coalhouse Point, calling. Later the same or another pair seen heading towards Thurrock Nature Park mobbed at various points by a Buzzard and Crows
Raven 07 Dec 2018 Sudbury, Suffolk Martin Peers 2
Raven 02 Nov 2018 Dovercourt Jannette Rowland 1 flew in off coast landing top of tree near farm briefly mobbed by two crows. Other observer Kim Palmer.
Raven 29 Oct 2018 Hamford Water Jannette Rowland 2 seen by Kim Palmer sea wall bramble island
Raven 21 Oct 2018 Kelvedon Hatch David Jobbins 2 On and near BT mast then flew SW.
Raven 16 Oct 2018 Kelvedon Hatch David Jobbins 2
Raven 10 Oct 2018 Fryerning, near Ingatestone Graham Smith 1 Flew over churchyard mobbed by crows
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