Corvus corax

Rare visitor.

BOU Name
Northern Raven
Data Required
Notes.(all records outside LNHS area)

Most Recent Records recorded via website

Name Date SiteName Observer Num Notes
Raven 12 May 2019 Broomfield, Chelmsford Matthew Davison 1 Being pursued by Carrion Crow, called when overhead
Raven 09 May 2019 Hatfield Forest Andrew Goodey 1 flying over Howe Green School, Woodside Green
Raven 06 May 2019 Arkesden Alan Harris 1
Raven 02 May 2019 Colchester Janet Avery 2 First time I've seen them here; flying North over my garden off Ipswich Road towards Suffolk
Raven 20 Apr 2019 Moverons, near Brightlingsea Chris Poole 1 While watching a high flying prey carrying M Harrier the Raven appeared from above, briefly harried it & then carried on its way W. over Colne
Raven 19 Apr 2019 South Weald Andrew Stroud 4 A pair appeared overhead whilst I was working at the cricket ground which were joined by another pair. One lingered for some time wheeling high above Weald Park (Ravens are normally solitary / in pairs but I have seen small groups previously on my visits to Sicily)
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