Corvus corax

Rare visitor.

BOU Name
Northern Raven
Data Required
Notes.(all records outside LNHS area)

Most Recent Records recorded via website

Name Date SiteName Observer Num Notes
Raven 21 Sep 2019 Hanningfield Reservoir Mark Gregory 1 west bank - landed on concrete bank near pier
Raven 18 Sep 2019 Warley Andrew Stroud 2 heard the now familiar croaking and 2 flew over from east to west across the playing fields along The Drive, Warley Hill.
Raven 10 Sep 2019 Kelvedon Hatch David Jobbins 2 Calling loudly from BT mast
Raven 10 Sep 2019 TQ5894 Clive Tanner 2 Flying West to East calling and tumbling in flight. towards Shenfield
Raven 09 Sep 2019 TQ6293 Clive Tanner 2 Feeding , flying and calling on fields between Middle Road and Hanging Hill Lane , Brentwood
Raven 08 Sep 2019 Tilbury Paul Larkin 1 Over the river
Raven 05 Sep 2019 TQ5894 Clive Tanner 2 Flew overhead calling and good view of wedge tail, heading South over Brentwood
Raven 01 Sep 2019 Thurrock Thameside Nature Park (EWT) Paul Larkin 1 Over Golden Gates mobbed, in succession, by crows then Hobby, eventually moved off south
Raven 31 Aug 2019 Hanningfield Reservoir Mark Gregory 1 initially seen over woods near south lagoon - before flying over causeway south at 1520
Raven 29 Aug 2019 Markshall Wood, Coggeshall Liz Huxley 2 seen & heard several times
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