List of Officers and Committees

Acknowledgements and Editorial by Simon Wood

Seasonal Summary of 2018 Records by Andy Goodey

County Records 2018

Systematic List Introduction by Simon Wood

Systematic List

Lists of Unsubstantiated and Not Proven records by Simon Wood

List of Observers by Mick Tracey

Earliest and latest dates of summer and winter visitors by Mick Tracey

Wetland Bird Survey (WeBS) count table by Alf Mullins

Gazetteer by Simon Wood & Alf Mullins

Map of Essex

Essex Ringing Report for 2018 by Simon Cox

Southern Colour Ringing Group Brant Goose study update by Paul Roper

A Wanstead Rustic by Nick Croft

Diurnal passage migration along the north-east Essex Coast by Paul Brayshaw

The Official Essex List and Submission of Records by Simon Wood & Mick Tracey

Essex Birdwatching Society Accounts by Tony Gales

Reservoir and Permit Holders by Graham Smith & Simon Wood

Front Cover
Essex Bird Report 2018