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Fri 05-Jan-2024
Samantha Franks

BTO Work on Curlews & Waders (Online Only) – Samantha Franks. Sam's interests focus on exploring how our changing environment is influencing bird populations. After several years working in the Alaskan Arctic, she joined BTO in 2013 and is leading elements of the BTO's breeding wader research, with a particular focus on Curlew. Currently, she represents BTO at national Curlew forums, supervises a PhD project investigating landscape-scale conservation management for breeding Curlew in Breckland, and leads BTO's role in the Eastern England Curlew headstarting project. Her talk will cover the causes of Curlew declines, and how BTO's research on Curlew and other waders is contributing to informing the future of wader conservation in the UK.

Online Only