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Fri 01-Mar-2024
Peter Warne

The Wildlife of Copped Hall - Peter Warne. Copped Hall is a mainly Georgian mansion (there is a Victorian wing) which was extensively damaged by fire in 1917. Surrounded by 25 acres of gardens and lying close to the northern edge of Epping Forrest it is well positioned to provide a home for a diverse selection of wildlife.  After much legal wrangling a restoration project was initiated in the mid-1990’s and later – around 2012 – consideration started to be paid to monitoring the wildlife of the area.  At this point Peter Warne became involved, having come to the attention of the Copped Hall Trust following the publication of his short book “Finding Wildlife in Epping Forest”.  A decade later Peter, a retired (he thought) biologist and wildlife photographer, has accumulated a wealth of information and images to share.