Anas crecca

Common winter visitor and passage migrant. Very scarce breeding species.

BOU Name
Eurasian Teal
Data Required
All breeding records. Counts of 100+.

Most Recent Records recorded via website

Name Date SiteName Observer Num Notes
Teal 22 Sep 2019 Frinton-on-Sea Paul Brayshaw 26
Teal 22 Sep 2019 Thurrock Thameside Nature Park (EWT) Paul Larkin 69 Two on the pit to the south of the tip, the rest in Mucking Bay
Teal 20 Sep 2019 Frinton-on-Sea Paul Brayshaw 127
Teal 20 Sep 2019 Hanningfield Reservoir David Hale 500 Circa. Kept on the move by M Harrier, Peregrine & G B B Gull.
Teal 20 Sep 2019 Tilbury Paul Larkin 3 On foreshore in front of the fort
Teal 19 Sep 2019 East Tilbury Paul Larkin 53
Teal 15 Sep 2019 Beckton Gary A James 6
Teal 13 Sep 2019 Holland Haven Lee G R Evans 45
Teal 11 Sep 2019 Stow Marsh Alan Shearring 85
Teal 10 Sep 2019 Russell Green GPs, near Chelmsford Brian Bolton 10
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