Spatula querquedula

Scarce passage migrant. Sporadic breeder.

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Most Recent Records recorded via website

Name Date SiteName Observer Num Notes
Garganey 03 Jul 2020 Abberton Reservoir Matt Turner 2 Very distant in Hide Bay from church, probable pair with male in eclipse. 90% sure, small, longish grey bills, eyestripes, dabbling at edge although too distant to be 100%
Garganey 13 Jun 2020 Abberton Reservoir David Allen 1 male at far corner of Wigborough Bay by School Lane
Garganey 25 May 2020 Bowers Marsh (RSPB) Tony Kennelly 1 Drake on main pool
Garganey 07 Apr 2020 Frinton-on-Sea Paul Brayshaw 2 Pair close north @ 0746
Garganey 15 Mar 2020 Abberton Reservoir David Curle 1 Drake from Hide Bay hide
Garganey 14 Mar 2020 Abberton Reservoir Andrew Allen 2 Close in from Hide Bay Hide
Garganey 23 Aug 2019 Abberton Reservoir Mick Woodruff 1 Male - Wigbourgh Bay Viewing Hide
Garganey 22 Aug 2019 East Tilbury Paul Larkin 1 Eclipse drake
Garganey 09 Aug 2019 Hanningfield Reservoir Andrew Cox 3 From Oak Hide.
Garganey 09 Aug 2019 Hanningfield Reservoir David Hale 3 Females in eclipse. Oak hide.
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