Botaurus stellaris

Uncommon but annual visitor and passage migrant.

BOU Name
Eurasian Bittern
Data Required
All records. (RED LIST SPECIES)

Most Recent Records recorded via website

Name Date SiteName Observer Num Notes
Bittern 24 Nov 2018 Rainham Marshes NR RSPB Andrew Allen 1 Seen briefly in flight from Ken Barrett hide
Bittern 02 Sep 2018 Abberton Reservoir John Fell 1 Showed well briefly in reed bed to NW of LBC
Bittern 29 Aug 2018 Blue House Farm EWT, North Fambridge Steven Swaby 1 Seen in flight once from Hole in the Wall hide at 09:15
Bittern 27 Aug 2018 Blue House Farm EWT, North Fambridge Tony Kennelly 1 flew in first thing near to 2nd hide reeds, seen from path outside 1st hide
Bittern 27 Mar 2018 Rainham Marshes NR RSPB Colin Shields 1 Large brown heron, wide wings thick neck seen in flight through scope
Bittern 03 Feb 2018 Abberton Reservoir Graham Ekins 1 Flew across western reed bed
Bittern 07 Jan 2018 Abberton Reservoir Steve Grimwade 1 West end of Layer Breton cway
Bittern 06 Jan 2018 Abberton Reservoir Peter Triston 1 west of LB causeway
Bittern 25 Dec 2017 Abberton Reservoir David Allen 1 lbcw
Bittern 18 Dec 2017 Abberton Reservoir John Thorogood 1 Perched in reeds west of LBC
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