Accipiter gentilis

Uncommon resident and passage migrant. First bred in 2006.

BOU Name
Northern Goshawk
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Most Recent Records recorded via website

Name Date SiteName Observer Num Notes
Goshawk 07 Apr 2021 Wix James Davidson 1 Considered to be second calendar year due to plumage and female due to size - slightly longer than Buzzard, wing span similar. Rounded tip to the tail, slight buldging to the secondaries and extended head and neck and powerful soaring. 14:40 gained height then soared in proximity to single Common Buzzard, which casually buzzed it. Shortly after when out of sight big eruption of gulls and a few Rooks from a field being worked could have been caused by this bird
Goshawk 04 Sep 2020 South Woodham Ferrers Alan Shearring 1 female initially sparing with a carrion crow and then with a female sparrowhawk
Goshawk 26 Aug 2020 Beckton Gary A James 1 female
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