Pandion haliaetus

Uncommon, but increasing, passage migrant.

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Name Date SiteName Observer Num Notes
Osprey 20 Sep 2019 Hamford Water Liz Huxley 1
Osprey 20 Sep 2019 Walton-on-The-Naze Ron Colson 1 on boat trip, Walton backwaters nr Hamford Water, distant shot and cropped.
Osprey 15 Sep 2019 Bradwell Bird Observatory (BBO) Graham Smith 1 On post, Marshouse Outfall
Osprey 14 Sep 2019 Cattawade Marsh/Splodge Matt Turner 1 Flew east sending everything into mad panic!
Osprey 13 Sep 2019 Colne Pt Clive Atkins 1 Over north end of saltmarsh
Osprey 08 Sep 2019 Beckton Gary A James 1 over East 10.15
Osprey 07 Sep 2019 Frinton-on-Sea Paul Brayshaw 1 Circling high over town drifting south before moving back inland and being lost to view. Seen earlier by Darrell Stile @ The Naze
Osprey 07 Sep 2019 Naze, The Brian Combes 1 In off and across Walton Hall Marshes for Darrell Stile. He alerted me (I was on the sea wall along Walton Channel) and I watched it as it flew over the Channel. It continued west gaining considerable height.
Osprey 07 Sep 2019 TL9700 Steve Grimwade 1 Circling over Colne Point
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