Vanellus vanellus

Declining breeding population. Numerous passage migrant and winter visitor.

BOU Name
Northern Lapwing
Data Required
All breeding records. All other records May to July. Counts of 100+ rest of year.

Most Recent Records recorded via website

Name Date SiteName Observer Num Notes
Lapwing 19 Mar 2019 Cattawade Marsh/Splodge Matt Turner 10
Lapwing 19 Mar 2019 Holland Haven Liz Huxley 12 + incl displaying
Lapwing 18 Mar 2019 Ardleigh Reservoir Martin Peers 1 gravel pit
Lapwing 17 Mar 2019 Fingringhoe Ashley Gooding 1
Lapwing 15 Mar 2019 Boreham Graham Ekins 14 In one tight flock on the 11th; presumed migrants as local birds all on territory and displaying.
Lapwing 06 Mar 2019 Cattawade Marsh/Splodge Matt Turner 350 +
Lapwing 24 Feb 2019 Oakley Marshes, Hamford Water Malcolm Riddler 140
Lapwing 22 Feb 2019 The Hythe, Colchester Matt Turner 1
Lapwing 19 Feb 2019 Cattawade Marsh/Splodge Matt Turner 250
Lapwing 19 Feb 2019 Two Tree Island, Leigh-on-Sea David Hale 50
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