The Barn Owl by Jeff Martin

Barn Owl by Jeff Martin
Barn Owl by Jeff Martin

Coming soon - The Barn Owl by EBS member Jeff Martin.Coming soon – The Barn Owl by EBwS member Jeff Martin

This is certainly not the only book to be published on barn owls, but it is the

first to go beyond describing this, our most treasured bird, and to examine how

our changing environment is affecting its future. It is illustrated with colour

photographs throughout, and the text is supported by maps, charts, and tables.

Jeff Martin is a naturalist and conservationist with a passion for studying owls

and the species they rely upon. As an established writer, he has had a number of

articles published, and this is his second book on barn owls. He lives near

Colchester in Essex.


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The Birds of Essex by Simon Wood

The Birds of Essex by Simon Wood
The Birds of Essex by Simon Wood

As Essex birders we are fortunate to have a recent and comprehensive book on the birds of our county. Published in 2007 by Helm and running to over 600 pages, it is the first place to look when you want to find out about the status of any bird in Essex.

The Birds of Essex analyses and summarises all the data collated and documented over the last 200 years, with individual accounts providing an up-to-date status report on each species and its patterns of occurrence within Essex. The superb line drawings and photographs that illustrate the book are all contributed by talented local artists and photographers.


Tetrad Atlas of the Essex Bird Atlas

Front Cover of Breeding Birds of Essex
Front Cover of Breeding Birds of Essex

The Tetrad Atlas of the Breeding Birds of Essex was published in 1996 by the Essex Birdwatching Society with the late Mike Dennis as Senior Editor. The book was the culmination of five years of field study, collecting breeding bird data from all of the county's tetrads, then three years writing the species' texts. This is an essential reference for any birdwatcher living in Essex.

Currently out of print