Date Details Sitename
Friday 14 Feb

Abberton Reservoir 10:00 to 13:00, Sun and cloud with light breeze.
1 Ferruginous Duck 2 Great White Egret 3 Long-tailed Duck 2 Whooper Swan 2 Smew 2 Pintail [Paul Chamberlain]

Abberton Reservoir 11:15 to 16:30, Dry, sun & cloud, brisk SW wind max 10c. Sightings with Brenda.
1 Ferruginous Duck (Rich dark brown colour, white patch under tail, white eye. NW corner of LDHC.) 2 Long-tailed Duck (LDHC, one each side.) 4 Scaup (Drake & 3 females, VC side of LDHC.) 100 Tufted Duck (Plus.) 100 Pochard (Plus.) 50 Goldeneye (Circa.) 50 Wigeon (Circa.) 50 Gadwall (At least.) 20 Shoveler (Circa.) 20 Mallard (Circa.) 1 Smew (Female, LBC.) 1 Goosander (Drake, LBC.) 1 Peregrine Falcon (Male, Hide Bay hide, perched in dead tree.) 2 Kestrel 1 Marsh Harrier (Male. Hide Bay hide.) 70 Mute Swan (Plus. Grazing on approach to LBC, W side.) 2 Whooper Swan (With Mute Swan.) 2 Great White Egret (Large white Egret, yellow dagger bill.) 4 Grey Heron 1 Green Sandpiper (Hide Bay hide, far bank.) 4 Redshank (LDHC.) 2 Oystercatcher (Hide Bay Hide.) 1 Common Gull [David Hale]

Abberton Reservoir
Thursday 13 Feb

Abberton Reservoir 15:30 to 17:00, Milder with sunshine and showers.
1 Ferruginous Duck 2 Long-tailed Duck 2 Scaup 5 Goosander 1 Barn Owl 2 Marsh Harrier 2 Whooper Swan 1 Grey Wagtail 1 Great White Egret 1 Oystercatcher 35 Common Gull [Sean Nixon]

Abberton Reservoir 09:00 to 10:00, Sightings from LDHC, dry and windy
5 Goosander (2m, 3f) 2 Scaup (Pair) 2 Great White Egret 1 Ferruginous Duck (Still along treeline to NW) [Matt Turner]

Abberton Reservoir
Wednesday 12 Feb

Abberton Reservoir 10:15 to 15:15,
1 Ferruginous Duck (ad drake, NW of LDLH causeway early afternoon) 1 Long-tailed Duck (E of LDLH causeway) 1 Smew (redhead E of LDLH causeway) 2 Scaup (m&f E of LDLH causeway) 10 Goosander 2 Great White Egret 1 Green Sandpiper (Hides bay) 1 Buzzard 1 Marsh Harrier [Sean Huggins]

Abberton Reservoir
Monday 10 Feb

Abberton Reservoir 10:00 to 12:30, Windy and bright.
3 Long-tailed Duck (North east of Layer de la Haye Causeway.) 1 Smew (South east of Layer de la Haye Causeway.) 2 Scaup (Male and female east of Layer de la Haye Causeway.) [David Curle]

Abberton Reservoir
Thursday 06 Feb

Abberton Reservoir 11:30 to 15:00, Sunny and calm. All sightings from LDLH causeway.
1 Ferruginous Duck (Drake. NW of LDLH causeway ) 2 Long-tailed Duck 2 Scaup 1 Kingfisher 1 Marsh Harrier [Glen Moore]

Abberton Reservoir
Tuesday 04 Feb

Abberton Reservoir 14:00 to 16:45,
1 Ring-necked Duck (asleep LdlH causeway) 1 Scaup (male asleep on opposite side of road to RND) 1 Long-tailed Duck 14 Goosander 3 Great White Egret [David Allen]

Abberton Reservoir
Monday 03 Feb

Abberton Reservoir 13:30 to 16:30, Very windy. Rain later. Water level far higher than past weeks.
2 Whooper Swan (in usual field next to LB causeway) 1 Merlin (attacked the only singing skylark at Billets Farm. It failed so sat on a post ) 3 Long-tailed Duck 3 Great White Egret 1 Smew (red head asleep LB causeway) 1 Peregrine Falcon (on top of pumping station) 1 Scaup (female) 12 Goosander 40 Skylark 300 Goldeneye ((+) raising of water level has not affected the staggering number of goldeneye) [David Allen]

Abberton Reservoir
Saturday 01 Feb

Abberton Reservoir 14:00 to 15:30, Windy, bight and mild.
1 Ring-necked Duck (NW of LDLH causeway) 1 Smew (Redhead NE of LDLH causeway) 1 Long-tailed Duck (SE of LDLH causeway) 2 Whooper Swan (West of LB causeway) 1 Great White Egret (West of LB causeway) 1 Peregrine Falcon (In dead tree from Hide Bay hide) [David Curle]

Abberton Reservoir
Thursday 30 Jan

Abberton Reservoir 14:15 to 14:15,
2 Whooper Swan (Adults west of Layer Breton causeway with Mute Swans) [Steve Grimwade]

Abberton Reservoir
Wednesday 29 Jan

Abberton Reservoir 07:30 to 16:00,
5 Great White Egret 1 Black-throated Diver 1 Ring-necked Duck (Drake) 3 Peregrine Falcon (Adult male, 2cy female, 1cy female) 1 Hen Harrier (1cy female) 4 Marsh Harrier 2 Kingfisher 7 Goosander 1 Long-tailed Duck 2 Sparrowhawk 2 Stonechat 2 Black Swan 60 Skylark 3 Kestrel 120 Golden Plover 4 Buzzard 3 Scaup (2 adult females, 1 imm) [Steve Grimwade]

Abberton Reservoir 14:30 to 15:00,
2 Whooper Swan (Both birds showed the typical yellowish staining of their upper neck and heads. Resting and preening next to island at western end of the site, then flew west. ) [John Thorogood]

Abberton Reservoir