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Monday 21 Jan

Abberton Reservoir 15:30 to 16:30, Hazy early dusk from LDHC (I've also included 2 sightings from brief visit at 7.45am)
1 Ring-necked Duck 3 Black-necked Grebe (Seen at 8am) 2 Long-tailed Duck 1 Green-winged Teal (On shoreline in front of Gwen hide, distant record shot in bad light) 4 Great White Egret 3 Scaup (1w m, 2f close in) 18 Egyptian Goose (Overhead E late) 18 Goosander (18 seen at 8am, 8 at 4pm) [Matt Turner]

Abberton Reservoir
Sunday 20 Jan

Abberton Reservoir 09:00 to 13:00, EBWS Field Trip
1 Ring-necked Duck (Male NW of Layer de la Haye causeway) 1 Green-winged Teal (Adult drake found by Ashley Gooding SE of Layer de la Haye causeway) 2 Long-tailed Duck 3 Black-necked Grebe 4 Scaup 1 Kingfisher 7 Great White Egret 1 Bittern (In reeds at far western end) 2 Marsh Harrier 7 Goosander (Very low numbers compared to recent weeks) 1 Chiffchaff (In willows NW of Layer de la Haye causeway) 5 Black-tailed Godwit 1 Dunlin 2 Smew 1 Peregrine Falcon 1 Sparrowhawk 10 Egyptian Goose 30 Pintail [Steve Grimwade]

Abberton Reservoir 14:00 to 16:30, Cold and sunny with ice covering large part of reservoir E and W of LB c/way
1 Ring-necked Duck (Drake NW of LdlH c/way) 1 Green-winged Teal (Drake E of LdlH c/way) 2 Smew (incl 1 drake E LB c/way) 3 Great White Egret 4 Scaup (incl first winter drake) [Sean Nixon]

Abberton Reservoir 12:45 to 13:30, Sunny with light breeze
1 Green-winged Teal 1 Black-necked Grebe 1 Great White Egret [Paul Chamberlain]

Abberton Reservoir 08:45 to 12:45,
5 Egyptian Goose 5 Pintail (4 drakes, 1 female ) 30 Shoveler 1 Green-winged Teal (Drake east of LdlH Causeway) 4 Scaup (With tufties and pochards) 1 Ring-necked Duck (Drake west of LdlH Causeway) 2 Long-tailed Duck (Distant, east of LdlH Causeway) 15 Goldeneye 2 Smew (1 drake) 10 Goosander 3 Black-necked Grebe (Very close east of LdlH at 08:50) 6 Little Grebe (Group of 4 and a pair) 4 Great White Egret 1 Kingfisher 1 Marsh Harrier 1 Chiffchaff (Calling near LdlH Causeway) [Thomas Gilbert]

Abberton Reservoir 16:30 to 16:30,
7 Great White Egret (Roosting east of Layer Breton causeway) [Steve Grimwade]

Abberton Reservoir 13:20 to 15:20, Cold but sunny. Highlights from 49 species seen. No Smew, Goosander or RND!!
11 Egyptian Goose (On field south of Layer Breton causeway) 1 Green-winged Teal (Drake near the point E of LDLH with c.50 Teal. Vertical white wing bar very visible at times) 3 Scaup (Females NW of LDLH causway) 10 Goldeneye (Probably more) 5 Pheasant (Around Visitor Centre feeders) 3 Great White Egret (Between causeways) 1 Kestrel (Over scrub near Visitor Centre) 8 Dunlin (Flew towards Wig. Bay, seen from LDLH) 2 Redshank (Flew towards Visitor Centre, seen from LDLH) 2 Common Gull (W of Layer Breton) 1 Kingfisher (Heard calling between causeways from Layer Breton) 1 Green Woodpecker (Scrub near Visitor Centre) 2 Stonechat (Pair on fence near Visitor Centre) [Ben Mapp]

Abberton Reservoir 12:30 to 13:30, Bright, very cold.
1 Green-winged Teal 1 Long-tailed Duck 1 Black-necked Grebe 3 Great White Egret 3 Smew (1 male, 2 red-heads) 1 Peregrine Falcon [David Allen]

Abberton Reservoir
Saturday 19 Jan

Abberton Reservoir 11:30 to 13:15, Bright and clear very cold
1 Long-tailed Duck 1 Black-necked Grebe 2 Great White Egret 1 Ring-necked Duck 1 Scaup (Female) 10 Goosander (+) [Brian Bolton]

Abberton Reservoir
Thursday 17 Jan

Abberton Reservoir 09:15 to 10:45, Blooming cold! As usual.... (all sightings from LDLH causeway)
8 Great White Egret 1 Smew (Drake ) 4 Scaup 40 Goosander [Steve Grimwade]

Abberton Reservoir
Monday 14 Jan

Abberton Reservoir 10:00 to 12:00, Not bad
4 Smew (1 Male, 3 redheads under trees at nw end of west section) 2 Black-necked Grebe (From Billetts viewpoint) 3 Bewick's Swan (Wigborough bay) 1 Scaup (East side of lb causeway) 1 Pintail (Maybe 10 Wigborough bay; also at Langenhoe church end) [Graham Upton]

Abberton Reservoir
Sunday 13 Jan

Abberton Reservoir 10:45 to 12:00,
10 Mute Swan 4 Bewick's Swan (Wigborough Bay) 150 Tufted Duck 3 Scaup (At least, females amongst Tufted Ducks NW of LdlH Causeway.) 2 Teal (Pair) 20 Shoveler 20 Goldeneye 50 Wigeon 1 Ring-necked Duck (Drake amongst Tufted Ducks NW of LdlH Causeway) 1 Smew (Female) 80 Goosander (+, East of LdlH Causeway) 10 Pintail 1 Grey Heron 2 Great White Egret (Possibly 3) 100 Pochard 1 Skylark 1 Kestrel 1 Buzzard 20 Cormorant 1 Black-necked Grebe (East of LdlH Causeway) 50 Great Crested Grebe 50 Lapwing 5 Great Black-backed Gull [Thomas Gilbert]

Abberton Reservoir 07:45 to 12:00, Overcast with a strong cold easterly
12 Great White Egret (1st light from Layer de la Haye causeway ) 4 Bewick's Swan (Wigborough Bay) 2 Scaup 1 Smew (drake) 76 Goosander (possibly more) 2 Black-necked Grebe [Alan Shearman]

Abberton Reservoir
Saturday 12 Jan

Abberton Reservoir 11:00 to 14:00, cold and stiff SW breeze
2 Long-tailed Duck (immature drake and female east of LdlH c/way) 3 Scaup (W of LdlH c/way) 1 Smew (E of LB c/way) 70 Goosander (W of LdlH c/way) 7 Great White Egret (Roosting in trees E of LB c/way) 2 Black-necked Grebe (E of LdlH c/way) 33 Great Crested Grebe 13 Goldeneye [Sean Nixon]

Abberton Reservoir 11:30 to 13:30, Overcast
1 Ring-necked Duck (Drake, West of layer de la Haye causeway) 2 Smew (1 Drake) 1 Black-necked Grebe (East of layer de la Haye causeway) 2 Long-tailed Duck (East of layer de la Haye causeway) 80 Goosander (+ most East of layer de la Haye causeway) 1 Marsh Harrier (East of layer de la Haye causeway) 5 Bewick's Swan (From original Billets Screen) 1 Great White Egret (West of Layer de la Haye causeway) 2 Scaup (West of Layer de la Haye causeway) [Andrew Allen]

Abberton Reservoir 15:00 to 16:00, Layer de la Haye causeway
70 Goosander (+ feeding by sluice) 2 Long-tailed Duck (E of causeway) 1 Smew (drake with goosanders) 4 Black-necked Grebe (NE corner) 2 Scaup (females W of causeway) 2 Goldeneye 2 Redshank 2 Black-tailed Godwit 40 Great Crested Grebe (+) [Liz Huxley]

Abberton Reservoir
Thursday 10 Jan

Abberton Reservoir 09:45 to 14:15, overcast, cold northerly breeze
9 Bewick's Swan (Wigborough Bay) 120 Gadwall (circa, mainly Hide Bay) 4 Pintail (Wig Bay - Abberton church area not visited) 450 Pochard (+) 3 Scaup 75 Goldeneye (circa - Abberton church not visited) 4 Smew (redheads LB causeway) 79 Goosander (excluding Abberton church) 11 Great White Egret 3 Black-necked Grebe (2 Wig Bay; LdlH c/way.) 170 Lapwing (circa) 1 Knot (with Dunlin - Wig Bay) 42 Dunlin 7 Ruff 10 Black-tailed Godwit 1 Short-eared Owl (flew across reservoir from east to west) 1 Peregrine Falcon (juvenile) [Martin Peers]

Abberton Reservoir
Wednesday 09 Jan

Abberton Reservoir 07:15 to 08:45,
1 Ring-necked Duck (Adult drake NW of Layer de la Haye cway) 4 Scaup (1st winter drake + 3 female types) 2 Smew (Drake and redhead) 4 Black-necked Grebe 2 Long-tailed Duck 12 Great White Egret 45 Goosander [Steve Grimwade]

Abberton Reservoir
Sunday 06 Jan

Abberton Reservoir 08:45 to 10:00, Sightings from Wig Bay and LDHC
5 Bewick's Swan 11 Ruff 300 Lapwing 27 Dunlin 2 Peregrine Falcon (Adult bird on post far side of Wig Bay then juv female flew low past screen) 6 Pintail 18 Goldeneye 73 Goosander 3 Marsh Harrier (Adult m&f plus juv bird, all near Gwens Hide from causeway) 5 Black-necked Grebe (Distant between tern raft and towers) 6 Great White Egret [Matt Turner]

Abberton Reservoir 14:00 to 16:00,
2 Long-tailed Duck (LDLH causeway rear tern raft found by Yvonne watling hu) 2 Black-necked Grebe (LDLH east) 3 Scaup (LDLH northwest at least 2 more there) 1 Ring-necked Duck (LDLH northwest found by Yvonne watling hu) 5 Bewick's Swan (Great wigborough sreen) [Stephen Entwistle]

Abberton Reservoir 13:15 to 16:30, Cloudy, light NW wind. Selected highlights.
2 Smew (Drake Layer Breton Causeway, redhead Layer de la Haye Causway) 5 Bewick's Swan (Wigborough Bay) 4 Black-necked Grebe (1 Wigborough Bay, 3 Layer de la Haye Causeway) 5 Scaup (Layer de la Haye Causeway) 2 Long-tailed Duck (Layer de la Haye Causeway) 1 Mediterranean Gull (Layer de la Haye Causeway) 5 Great White Egret 1 Ring-necked Duck (Drake, west of Layer de la Haye Causeway. Also seen by Yvonne Watling and Stephen Entwistle.) [Simon Satchell]

Abberton Reservoir