Date Details Sitename
Sunday 23 Aug

Frinton-on-Sea 05:45 to 20:00, SSE4-5 0/8 to 1300, then cloud building, rain from 1415 to 1800 on and off, then SW3 and sunny again. V impressive wader movement (to the south) starting with the first rain drops of rain
1 Fulmar 123 Whimbrel 118 Grey Plover 79 Common Tern (most in the evening) 1 Black Tern (@ 0645) 104 Teal (including some very high flying flocks) 4 Shoveler 3 Spotted Flycatcher (at least, 2 under cliff, 1 gardens) 1573 Bar-tailed Godwit (flocks up to 300 strong, many v high. Distant large waders appeared to be this species) 427 Knot 99 Dunlin (distant small wader sp totalling >100) 2 Gannet 6 Sanderling (possibly more but distant small wader sp not always identifiable) 1 Great Skua 8 Arctic Skua 87 Swift (all during or after rain, arriving in off sea) 2 Golden Plover 1 Hobby (in off at 1632, associated with a pulse of Swifts) 1 Pied Flycatcher (one in gardens after the rain) [Paul Brayshaw]

Friday 21 Aug

Frinton-on-Sea 11:30 to 12:00, (also 3 clouded yellows)
3 Wheatear (along seawall by the golf course) [Liz Huxley]

Thursday 20 Aug

Frinton-on-Sea 06:00 to 11:00, Early rain clearing, SSE-SSW4, good pulse of waders moving south as the weather cleared
108 Whimbrel (9 flocks incl one of c80) 14 Cormorant (all coming in from the SE) 4 Dark-bellied Brent Goose (coming in from the SE as if from continent) 3 Grey Plover 42 Bar-tailed Godwit 23 Dunlin 2 Sanderling 24 Oystercatcher 62 Teal [Paul Brayshaw]

Saturday 13 Jun

Frinton-on-Sea 06:30 to 20:00, Classic Swift movement day… movement to the south
2475 Swift (peak movement during the pm as the weather cleared slightly. ) 8 Gannet 11 Curlew (first double figure count of the autumn) 1 Mediterranean Gull (2yr) 1 Black Redstart (1st summer? photographed when briefly in the back garden late pm. Rather a surprise) [Paul Brayshaw]

Friday 16 Jan

Frinton-on-Sea 07:30 to 14:00, Occasional glances to sea revealed a bit of movement… movement to the south.
39 Red-throated Diver 4 Black-throated Diver (at least two additional birds seen from Holland Haven) 1 Great Northern Diver 24 Kittiwake 12 Great Crested Grebe [Paul Brayshaw]