Date Details Sitename
Monday 08 Mar

Great Totham 13:15 to 13:15, Overcast.
8 Buzzard (Together over Gt. Totham South, gliding slowly W.) [Malcolm Corbett]

Great Totham
Saturday 06 Mar

Great Totham 08:30 to 08:35,
5 Siskin (2m, 3f. Back garden feeders (sunflower hearts and mixed seeds).) [Malcolm Corbett]

Great Totham
Wednesday 03 Mar

Great Totham 09:00 to 10:00, Fog lifting, cold.
1 Green Woodpecker (Calling, Totham Pit.) 1 Great Spotted Woodpecker (Drumming, South Wood.) 1 Sparrowhawk (Spickets Brook, hedgerow N. of Church Road.) [Malcolm Corbett]

Great Totham
Sunday 28 Feb

Great Totham 08:50 to 09:50, Fog slowly lifting, fresh.
2 Goosander (Females, Totham Pit.) 1 Kestrel (Sheepcoates Farm) 5 Skylark (Singing, arable fields.) 2 Greenfinch (Singing. One, Totham Pit, one Brook Close.) 8 Goldfinch (Totham Pit.) 1 Yellowhammer (Singing, Church Road.) [Malcolm Corbett]

Great Totham
Friday 26 Feb

Great Totham 16:00 to 17:00, Sunny, light N. wind.
1 Goosander (Female. Totham Pit.) 100 Fieldfare (+. Forrester Park golf course.) 1 Grey Wagtail (Spickets Brook, Spickets Wood.) [Malcolm Corbett]

Great Totham
Wednesday 24 Feb

Great Totham 10:40 to 11:10, Sun & cloud, light S. wind. Sadly also found eight dead red fox in various stages of decay, some very recent, dumped together
3 Buzzard (Over South Wood. Possibly Lofts Farm birds seen earlier.) 1 Song Thrush (Singing. Totham Pit.) [Malcolm Corbett]

Great Totham
Tuesday 23 Feb

Great Totham 09:00 to 10:00, Sunny, light but strengthening S. wind.
3 Goosander (3f flew up from Totham Pit.) 1 Buzzard (Harassed by jackdaws.) 3 Jay (Pair + one. South Wood.) 2 Song Thrush (One singing, South Wood. One, Totham Pit.) [Malcolm Corbett]

Great Totham
Sunday 21 Feb

Great Totham 09:15 to 09:30, Mild. All Totham Pit.
1 Great Spotted Woodpecker (Drumming) 1 Green Woodpecker 1 Song Thrush (Singing.) 1 Greenfinch (Male.) [Malcolm Corbett]

Great Totham 15:50 to 15:50, Bright, mild.
1 Red Kite (Over B1022 nr. Gt. Mountains Farm. ) [Malcolm Corbett]

Great Totham
Friday 19 Feb

Great Totham 09:10 to 09:45,
5 Goosander (2m, 3f. Totham Pit.) 2 Little Grebe (Totham Pit.) 4 Skylark (Singing. Arable fields.) 8 Redwing (Horse paddock adj. St. Peter's Church.) [Malcolm Corbett]

Great Totham 16:00 to 16:00,
1 Red Kite (Checking out horse paddocks Prince of Wales Road.) [Malcolm Corbett]

Great Totham
Wednesday 17 Feb

Great Totham 09:50 to 10:00, Overcast.
7 Goosander (3m, 4f. Totham Pit (M.A.S.)) 1 Sparrowhawk (Male. Over St. Peter's Church.) 8 Redwing (Horse paddock adj. St. Peter's Church.) [Malcolm Corbett]

Great Totham