Date Details Sitename
Saturday 20 Apr

Langford, near Maldon 09:20 to 10:30, Sunny, warm
1 Cuckoo (Heard not seen) 1 Greenfinch (First one seen this year) 1 Lesser Whitethroat 1 Cetti's Warbler (At least; heard not seen) 5 Chiffchaff (At least; more heard) 6 Blackcap (At least - four seen at once; more heard) 2 Linnet 1 Swallow 1 Buzzard 2 Mute Swan 6 Tufted Duck (Three pairs) [Stephen Shelley]

Langford, near Maldon
Thursday 12 Jul

Langford, near Maldon , 20:40 to 21:20, Warm
4 Mute Swan (two adults and two cygnets on River Chelmer), 1 Buzzard, 2 Common Tern (mobbing buzzard from ESW land over cattle field and River Chelmer), 1 Turtle Dove (heard; not seen along River Chelmer) [Stephen Shelley]

Langford, near Maldon
Tuesday 03 Jul

Langford, near Maldon , 15:30 to 16:40, Sunny, very warm
1 Grey Heron (by pool at ESW treatment works), 1 Sparrowhawk (flying over near ESW treatment works), 1 Buzzard, 1 Kestrel (being mobbed by carrion crow and swallows), 30 Swift (at least; some mobbing kestrel), 1 Kingfisher (flew across the Chelmer from Beeleigh direction), 1 Green Woodpecker, 20 Swallow (at least; some screaming over ESW treatment works), 1 Cetti's Warbler (heard, not seen), 1 Chiffchaff (seen; others heard), 1 Great Tit, 3 Carrion Crow (at least), 1 Greenfinch (singing in tree in cow field), 2 Bullfinch (flew from path near gate into horse field along the River Chelmer) [Stephen Shelley]

Langford, near Maldon
Thursday 28 Jun

Langford, near Maldon , 15:25 to 16:15, Sunny, warm
4 Mute Swan (pair with two offspring on River Chelmer; must have lost one as there were three last week), 1 Pheasant, 1 Hobby (flying over cattle field by River Chelmer; mobbed by swallows), 3 Moorhen (pair with single offspring on River Chelmer), 20 Swallow (at least), 1 Cetti's Warbler (heard; not seen), 1 Chiffchaff [Stephen Shelley]

Langford, near Maldon
Thursday 21 Jun

Langford, near Maldon , 15:25 to 16:10, Sunny, warm
1 Turtle Dove (Heard purring but not seen; along River Chelmer), 2 Blackcap (Male and female with insects along permissive footpath) [Stephen Shelley]

Langford, near Maldon
Sunday 10 Dec

Langford, near Maldon , 15:15 to 15:20, Snowy
1 Brambling (single male briefly seen from garden) [Stephen Shelley]

Langford, near Maldon
Friday 11 Aug

Langford, near Maldon , 14:55 to 15:45, Sunny, warm
1 Kingfisher (flew from trees in flooded cattle field), 1 Goldcrest [Stephen Shelley]

Langford, near Maldon
Wednesday 09 Aug

Langford, near Maldon , 13:00 to 13:05, Overcast, drizzly
50 Sand Martin (at least; the main species in the flock), 1 Swallow (in a mixed hirundine flock feeding over conifers on ESW land), 2 House Martin [Stephen Shelley]

Langford, near Maldon
Tuesday 04 Jul

Langford, near Maldon , 18:25 to 18:55, Sunny, warm; all birds seen at an ant flight on garden patio
1 Robin (very shy - only visited the ant flight when the other birds were absent), 3 Blackbird (two males and one female; pair gathering huge beakfuls of flying ants), 10 House Sparrow (at least three males and seven females; probably more) [Stephen Shelley]

Langford, near Maldon
Monday 15 May

Langford, near Maldon , 12:25 to 12:25, Overcast, drizzly
7 Starling (3 adults feeding 4 juveniles; first ones seen in garden this year) [Stephen Shelley]

Langford, near Maldon