Date Site Details
Thursday 22 Jul Shenfield

Shenfield 08:35 to 08:35, Warm, sunny, no wind
1 Red Kite (drifted north-east over Sebastian Avenue) [James Hudson]

Friday 18 Jun Shenfield

Shenfield 12:10 to 12:10, Dark cloud, humid
1 Hobby (flew south-west over Kilworth Avenue) [James Hudson]

Wednesday 12 May Shenfield

Shenfield 05:15 to 06:15, Sunny, some cloud. First Turtle Dove survey, no surprise to draw a blank here
4 Yellow Wagtail (Surprised to find these so close to home) 3 Whitethroat 4 Blackcap 2 Chiffchaff [Jon Clark]

Sunday 18 Apr Shenfield

Shenfield 09:00 to 09:10, Sunny
1 Bullfinch [Trevor Bufton]

Thursday 08 Apr Shenfield

Shenfield 16:10 to 16:10,
1 Red Kite (flew south-west along Sebastian Avenue at rooftop height) [James Hudson]

Wednesday 31 Mar Shenfield

Shenfield 18:45 to 18:45,
1 Barn Owl (Hunting over grassy field just north east of the Rose Pub.) [Andrew Stroud]

Wednesday 17 Mar Shenfield

Shenfield 08:55 to 08:55,
1 Red Kite (flew south west along Sebastian Avenue) [James Hudson]

Saturday 30 Jan Shenfield

Shenfield 11:15 to 11:15,
1 Red Kite (flew over heading south) [James Hudson]