Date Details Sitename
Thursday 26 Mar

Tendring 08:30 to 08:45, Very high thin cloud, bright, dry with a light breeze, still chilly.
2 Grey Partridge (Pair , wondering round my vegatable garden) [Tony Faulkner]

Saturday 07 Mar

Tendring 08:30 to 09:00, High cloud, dry, light breeze
1 Chiffchaff (Picking insects from leaves on plants in back garden.) [Tony Faulkner]

Saturday 29 Feb

Tendring 17:45 to 17:45, Sky clear, dry, cold and very windy.
1 Sparrowhawk (Flying low over Paersonage Lane being mobbed by two crows) [Tony Faulkner]

Friday 07 Feb

Tendring 15:30 to 15:30, Full cloudcover but dry, light breeze, cold
1 Sparrowhawk (Unsuccessfull raid on birdfeeders, settled in nearby hedge for two minutes before flying off.) [Tony Faulkner]

Sunday 08 Sep

Tendring 09:30 to 09:30, Chilly but full sun, dry.
100 Starling (On power lines above field at end of Parsonage Lane. (Approx count)) [Tony Faulkner]

Saturday 07 Sep

Tendring 14:30 to 14:45, Light breeze, sunny spells, cooler than of late.
14 House Sparrow (Feeding and dust batheing under rose bushes in back garden.) [Tony Faulkner]

Sunday 21 Jul

Tendring 09:00 to 09:00, Very light breeze, high thin cloud, warm
60 House Sparrow (Flushed from hedge-row whilst on dog walk beside field of corn in Wolfs Hall Lane.) [Tony Faulkner]

Tuesday 02 Jul

Tendring 15:00 to 15:00, Very light breeze, heavy cloud with occasional clear spells, warm.
3 Buzzard (Party of three (family), circleling at constant height, drifting west north west, constant mewing) [Tony Faulkner]

Sunday 26 May

Tendring 14:15 to 14:30, Light cloud, warm, breezy
17 Starling (Feeding on back lawn, eight adults, nine young) [Tony Faulkner]

Sunday 21 Apr

Tendring 08:45 to 09:00, Full sun, light breeze
1 Song Thrush (Under Oak tree in garden gathering nesting material) [Tony Faulkner]