Date Details Sitename
Wednesday 30 Sep

Boreham 15:15 to 15:20, Light S with heavy cloud ; Boreham patch Birding
1 Raven (came in from NW and headed SE pursued by 2 Carrion Crows. 2 superb 360 degree rolls before dropping down towards Chelmer Valley to S. ) [Graham Ekins]

Friday 31 Jul

Boreham 16:00 to 17:55, Light S/SW breeze; very warm; increasing cloud from S; Boreham garden patch sky watch + 10 butterfly species logged.
4 Lapwing (flock high west at 16.45. First patch sighting for 2.5 weeks. ) 1 Hobby (Flycatching high overhead often amongst B.H. Gulls. seen 3 times. Several recent sightings over grden) 1 Marsh Harrier (One apparent juv(no sign of moult) very high S. at 17.10. Only saw it as watching for Swifts. ) 155 Swift (All between S and SW incredibly high and rapid movement. largest flock 55. ) 11 Sand Martin (Flock quite high south-east as a group at 16.15) 3 Swallow (All juvs south together at 17.25) 9 House Martin (Apparent feeding activity of presumably recently fledged juvs. in flight. 4 pairs within 400m of garden.) 1 Turtle Dove (Male first seen at the end of April still visiting. Previous latest record was the 7th July 5 yearsa go. ) 5 Blackbird (pair fledged 3 young this am, 3rd brood in Ivy covered stump in garden. ) 9 Lesser Black-backed Gull (All adults, mostly singles high S/SW during afternoon, 2 already in wing moult. Difefrent hbehaviour from local breeders.) 8 Common Gull (8 adults fly-catching amongst 180 Black-headed Gulls mid-afternoon. ) [Graham Ekins]

Wednesday 08 Jul

Boreham 10:30 to 10:45, Light SSW, occasional rain showers;mild.
2 Sandwich Tern (2 adults Flew west at a moderate height. rare here, less than annual. ) 2 Turtle Dove (Both male and female of one of the 2 pairs has visited over the last 24 hours but sightings much reduced over the last 3 days. ) [Graham Ekins]

Saturday 04 Jul

Boreham 11:30 to 12:00,
1 Cetti's Warbler (Male singing) [Neil Murphy]

Wednesday 01 Jul

Boreham 06:00 to 08:00, Force 2/3 SW & overcast, dry; Boreham Patch birding
4 Crossbill (Calling flock flew west over garden at 06.25; last sighting was 10 years ago. ) 1 Black-tailed Godwit (male of islandica race on Trifarm Pit at 07.30 but no sign at 08.30 but someone swimming!) 120 Swift (08.00-Active feeding on western edge of village. largest group for several years. Local population 12. ) 1 Kingfisher (By Little Baddow bridge at 07.45 on 1st July. ) [Graham Ekins]

Saturday 27 Jun

Boreham 03:50 to 07:45, Light SSW, occasional rain showers; moth trapping late evening and very early morning has resulted in some interesting records
2 Swallow (Juveniles rapidly south at 09.40 on 27th June. Early migration?) 1 Hobby (Daily sightings currently, most pm of singles) 1 Peregrine Falcon (Small male heading SE at 09.15. 3rd sighting in 3 weeks.) 1 Curlew (Heard high overhead 16th June 04.00-heading south) 1 Green Sandpiper (one calling over head quite low 23.00 on 25th. Heading NW, presumably to Russell Green Pits) 1 Blackbird (3rd nesting occuring 27th June in ivy covered tree,re-lining old nest) 11 Lapwing (7 young fledged from 4 broods on Boreham patch, most successful year since set-a-side.) [Graham Ekins]

Monday 13 Jan

Boreham 12:30 to 12:35, Strengthening SW wind with inccreasing cloud
1 Red Kite (Immature soaring high over Church and drifting NE. 1st patch record in 2020 and 3rd in Essex today. ) [Graham Ekins]

Tuesday 09 Apr

Boreham 06:30 to 07:45, Light NE, heavily overcast; 8C at 06.30; Superb Boreham Patch Birding last few days
2 Common Tern (Over Trifarm Pit at 14.00 on 8th April, no sign this morning. One day later than 1st record in 2018.) 1 Yellow Wagtail (2nd bird of the spring early am on Sunday 7th April. ) 1 Little Ringed Plover (NFY, First of spring here on 7th April, gravel is now overgrown and so breeding unlikely) 1 Black-tailed Godwit (NFY, Summer plumage bird on pit all day 8th April, only 2nd patch record after one last April. No sign this morning) 1 Greenshank (NFY, First patch record for 2 years, flying over pit on arrival) 2 Redshank (Pair roosting on Trifarm Pit, left at 07.05 heading N. 2nd record this spring. ) 125 Sand Martin (None yesterday pm but am came in from N while scanning, presumably from pits N of Boreham.) 22 Swallow (None yesterday pm but this group feeding low over pit, number slowly dropping during visit) 2 House Martin (Over pit and NFY. ) 1 Iceland Gull (An intriguing bird flew along the Chelmer heading towards Maldon at 06.45. Suggested a 2nd year bird but one distant shot shows P10 to 8 with shadow!) 6 Wigeon (This is getting late for my patch.) 2 Gadwall (first for a week. ) 6 Teal (New arrivals, first for a week. ) 2 Pochard (2 drakes, very late for my patch.) 5 Blackcap (4 singing along Chelmer Monday 8th April and another singing in garden.) [Graham Ekins]

Wednesday 03 Apr

Boreham 14:30 to 16:15, Wind a light S/SW with one heavy squally shower otherwise felt warm in the sunshine; Patch Birding Visit; signs of migration
1 Yellow Wagtail (male dropped in during the rain shower, fed actively around N edge of pit.) 22 Sand Martin (None on arrival, appeared during rain and left as sun came out) 2 Swallow (Arrived with the Sand Martins and left at same time.) 8 Linnet (First this spring; mobile flock) 2 Teal (pair feeding along N edge) 1 Gadwall (All have left as have the Pochard & Shoveler) 12 Wigeon (Steady decrease in recent days. ) 12 Coot (22 have left in last 3 days. ) 4 Robin (Pair in back garden have young 5 days old; front garden pair still incubating) 4 Wood Pigeon (2 pairs both building in front hedges of neighbours and our hedges. ) 2 Blackbird (Well grown young in nest in front hedge.) 8 House Sparrow (4 pairs in colony nest boxes on front wall of house. ) 1 Song Thrush (Unpaired male singing still in oak in back garden. ) 6 Buzzard (Flock very high and circling at 16.00, drifting N, presumed migrants. ) [Graham Ekins]

Wednesday 20 Mar

Boreham 06:20 to 07:30, Light SW, increasingly overcast; 7.5C at 06.20; Boreham Patch Birding. Plus additional records from pm 19th March.
1 Swallow (Feeding over Trifarm Pit at 16.05 on 19th March then flew off N at 16.12.No sign this morning. NFY and earliest ever. ) 300 Starling (Feeding in a tight flock in pea field with Fieldfare 19th from 16.00 . Record sized flock and not present am 20th) 65 Fieldfare (Feeding with Starlings pm 19th;this large flock not present am 19th or this morning (20th). Both species very wary.) 2 Teal (pair on pit) 58 Tufted Duck (Still increasing. ) 5 Gadwall (Still increasing. Shoveler have moved on) 1 Kingfisher (First by bridge since February. Most recent records Paper Mill Lock) 1 Grey Wagtail (Flew west up river at 06.45 (NFY)) [Graham Ekins]