Date Details Sitename
Sunday 10 Feb

TL8511 14:45 to 14:50,
8 Buzzard (Together over Gt. Totham South. (Reliable third party sighting).) [Malcolm Corbett]

Wednesday 30 Jan

TL8511 13:55 to 14:00, Clear blue sky.
2 Buzzard (Together, circling high above Gt. Totham South.) [Malcolm Corbett]

Sunday 20 Jan

TL8511 10:00 to 10:05, Hard frost this a.m.
1 Song Thrush (In garden.) [Malcolm Corbett]

Monday 26 Nov

TL8511 08:50 to 08:50,
1 Sparrowhawk (Male. Causing mass panic at the bird feeders.) [Malcolm Corbett]

Saturday 24 Nov

TL8511 05:40 to 05:40,
1 Tawny Owl (Female, contact calling. No response heard. Prince of Wales Rd.) [Malcolm Corbett]

Monday 02 Jul

TL8511 (5Km N of Maldon), 21:15 to 21:15
20 Swift (+. Regular over village around this time of day.), 1 Skylark (Singing. This (apparently same) individual has been singing his heart out over meadows between Prince of Wales Road and Captains Wood Road since early spring. Thought he deserved a mention.) [Malcolm Corbett]

Thursday 28 Jun

TL8511 (5Km N of Maldon), 21:10 to 21:15
20 Swift (+. Screaming party over village.) [Malcolm Corbett]

Tuesday 19 Jun

TL8511 (5Km N of Maldon), 20:50 to 21:20
1 Buzzard, 20 Swift (+. Two increased to 20+ before dispersing.), 1 Song Thrush (Singing.) [Malcolm Corbett]

Monday 18 Jun

TL8511 (5Km N of Maldon), 21:15 to 21:15
14 Swift (Tight, noisy group over village.) [Malcolm Corbett]

Saturday 02 Jun

TL8511 (5Km N of Maldon), 20:15 to 20:45
17 Canada Goose (Flew north over village.), 1 Sparrowhawk (Flyover.), 8 Swift (+. Over village.) [Malcolm Corbett]