Date Details Sitename
Friday 18 Oct

Chelmsford City Centre 08:45 to 08:45, mainly sunny, still cool
1 Cetti's Warbler (singing near ERO) [Sean Gregory]

Chelmsford City Centre
Tuesday 16 Jul

Chelmsford City Centre 08:00 to 08:00, sunny, few clouds warm
1 Peregrine Falcon (flying north over Highbridge Road near the Meadows - calling) [Mark Gregory]

Chelmsford City Centre
Friday 14 Sep

Chelmsford City Centre 08:45 to 08:45, sunny periods
1 Grey Wagtail (flying near Wilko and one heard an hour earlier, possibly same bird near Baddow Road car park) [Mark Gregory]

Chelmsford City Centre
Wednesday 25 Jul

Chelmsford City Centre 09:00 to 13:00, Hot
46 Herring Gull (National Sabird Census: Herring Gull - City centre 12 pairs; Sppringfield Industrial Complexes 6 pairs; Westway Industrial Complex 4 pairs; Writtle College 1 pair. Total 23 pairs. Many with large young visible. If anyone knows of any more please put them on this website) [Graham Smith]

Chelmsford City Centre