BTO Blackbird Survey

The BTO are conducting a survey on Blackbirds recorded in gardens to find out how well the species is doing, and to hopefully help explain why Blackbirds are declining in some areas.

The survey is really easy to do and takes just 15 minutes of your time each week until October. If you have access to a garden and would like to take part full details are available by clicking here.

Good luck!

Abberton Reservoir Interactive Map

David Bradnum has put together this superb interactive site map for Abberton Reservoir which should help people find all of the best locations to view from.

You can zoom in and out of the map and each location is clickable for more information. Why not bookmark this page on your phone so it's always at hand. 

The Society would like to thank David for taking the time to do this for the benefit of other birders.

EBwS Merchandise

EBwS Sweatshirts are now in stock in an exciting new range of colours. 

Various sizes are available and they're manufactured from quality fleece material with the colour logo on the left side of the chest and 'Essex Birdwatching Society' on the upper right sleeve.

Save our Swifts

The Common Swift, an iconic summer visitor to our shores, is on the Birds of Conservation Concern Red List - a list of species whose population is in the most serious decline. This is partly due to the loss of suitable breeding locations: the focus on energy efficiency in modern buildings means access to roof space that is so vital to the Swifts has gone. Without our help, parties of Swifts screaming through our streets may become a thing of the past and we would be denied the “Sound of Summer”.